Whether or not vaporization is being taken to the mainstream by customization is up for debate, but what is made clear by this article on the NY Daily News website is that DaVinci is taking their Ascent Vaporizer to the next level with a customization program that offers a mind-blowing number of possibilities to consumers interested in customizing the appearance of their handheld vaporizers. The aforementioned article cites the following 5 reasons why customization may be contributing to vaporizers reaching the mainstream:

1. They look more like a phone and less like something the Pied Piper would use, meaning next time you’re on a smoke break people might not mistake you for a street performer.

2. They can vaporize both botanicals and oils, including traditional looseleaf tobacco, making them more multifunctional than other nicotine alternatives.

3. Their scent-resistant case design means you’ll be the only one who knows you just went for a smoke break.

4. The three-hour life of their rechargeable batteries means more puffs between plugins.

5. A digital temperature control allows users to adjust their own heat levels and the duration of their own vapes.

Our thoughts? Perhaps they’re right. Perhaps the Ascent by DaVinci in all of its glory, coupled with its new customization option, truly is bringing the vape into the mainstream. Then again, brands like Vuse and Blu eCigs and their big tobacco marketing budgets are sure to have something to do with it. It’s almost the added benefit for vaporizer companies to be attached to the electronic cigarette variant of vaporizers, as they’ve manage to latch onto phrases like vape and vaporizers that are seemingly applicable to both. And by both, we are referring to e-cigs as well as the vaporizers that don’t fall under the label. The differences between electronic cigarettes and vaporizers is a topic which we expressed our thoughts on previously, but back to the topic at hand.

It seems that vaporization is going mainstream. Heck, it’s already mainstream. But customization is sure to play a role, as in today’s age of endless options, we all want to personalize our living experience and that includes customizing the world around us to our liking. So we conclude with our final thoughts: customization is an element which we here at vapor-pens.com would love to see more of in the coming days as more and more vape companies follow suit and offer their customers the option to customize their vapes, like DaVinci has with their portable Ascent.

 Some of the custom Ascent vaporizers that can be created with DaVinci’s customization program for their flagship portable vaporizer. (Image Source: DaVinci via NYDailyNews.com)