Listed below are some secrets that are giving me pure and flavorful vapor each and every time with my vapor pen: follow the tips and keep your pen vaporizer clean and well maintained.


Using Your Vape Pen:



Doing this before your first use will significantly prolong your battery life and preserve the highest power capacity. You will see a red light appear in the base of the battery next to the mini-USB port. When it is done charging the red light will turn off.





The batteries are shipped in the “OFF” state, so unlock it by pressing the button 6 times fast. The light will blink 3 times to indicate the battery is ON. Screw the Heater onto the battery and then unscrew the cone from the heater. Push and hold the button while watching the heating coil to test the unit. You will see the heater coil become red hot so don’t touch it! It will automatically shut off after 10 seconds. Make sure everything is working properly before you put you put any herbal material into the bowl. (I have vaped tons of different cheap e juice and bought lots of vape kits from ejuice connect. I can say that is definitely a unique vaping experience that you can give yourself while staying true to your mods and batteries quality. )





Using the pick tool, place a small amount of extract directly onto and around the heating coil The pen will handle up to about 1/8 inch (or 4mm) round ball. Be careful not to dislodge the heating coil if your extracts are highly viscous. Push the button briefly to melt the extract if it is not staying in place while being careful not to touch the heating coil.





Screw the cone onto the heater and lightly inhale while pressing the button. You can take up to a 10 second inhale before it will activate the auto-shut off, when you will see the battery blink 8 times fast. The unit will then rest to protect the battery and circuitry, being ready again for next use in only 2 seconds.





Push the button 6 times to shut down the battery before storing the unit. We recommend storing it in the case whenever possible, as this will protect the unit from shock & strain.




Care and Feeding of Your Vape Pen:


  • Always activate the Push-Button Lockout when you are finished using the battery, no matter how you store the unit. This will prevent it from accidentally turning on while stored.
    • Do not get the unit wet or expose it to extreme moisture conditions. It is a delicate electronic instrument and is not compatible with wetness.
    • To clean the outside, wipe clean with a dry cloth.
    • To clean the heater and cone threads, use an isopropyl alcohol swab to wipe off material. Let dry thoroughly before the next use. Only use 91%-99% isopropyl alcohol and handle high purity alcohol with care.
    • Clean the bowl and heating coil regularly by operating the heater for 10 seconds and puffing strongly to dislodge any globs of concentrated in the air pathway This also burns off any residual material on the coil.
    • Operate the pen upside down to eliminate oily residue buildup at the bottom of the bowl as needed.
    • It is not recommended soaking the heater in alcohol as it could damage the outside finish.
    • Do not probe into the bowl as this may dislodge the heating coil.
    • Do not expose it to temperature extremes. This shortens the life of the battery.
    • Do not drop or expose your vape pen to shock. This will preserve the microprocessor and other electronic components housed inside.
    • Do not operate the heater for extended times when there is no herbal material on the coil. This could damage the heater and will void your warranty.
    • Do not operate unit continuously without rest in between heating cycles. Instead, let the unit rest periodically between uses.
    • Do not use with other vaporizer pen parts, as they may damage the battery or the heater. Such use will void the warranty.