A mix of Italian tobacco, clove, and cardamom


 Size 10ml 30ml 120ml

 Nicotine Level  00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg

PG/VG Ratio  20pg/80vg  50pg/50vg

Flavor Note

Woody Italian Tobacco spiced with cardamom and clove and finished with a touch of sweetness.

Arrakis The Name of the E-Liquid

Before we get rolling on this review, I think with an e-juice named Arrakis, it would be prudent to address the origin of its name. Arrakis informally known as  Dune and later as Rakis is a fictional desert planet created by Frank Herbert. (novelist) Despite the minor drawback of putting my nerd roots on display, Arrakis is a fictional planet in the Galaxy. It is part of a race that designs planets, including Earth, and it’s a whole desert. I have two other flavors (at the time of this review) that are named after characters from the book, both of which will be examined as well.

Review of Arrakis

With that out of the way, let’s get started on what’s important, Arrakis. While Arrakis is on the tobacco e-liquid page of this website, it’s important to note that there is a great deal more going on in this profile. The predominant notes and those that appear immediately on the inhale are the highlights of the blend. Two different flavors come together to form a singular, cohesive profile that is loaded with its depth, character, and sophistication.

The first, and most pronounced, nostril-widening woody Italian tobacco flows seamlessly into a spicy cardamom flavor that brings along its sweetness, both of which are accompanied by the very rich and woody tobacco flavor of cardamom and clove. Like many of the other “enhanced” tobacco e-liquids, the flavor of the clove is secondary to the additional components. On its own, it’s surprisingly refreshing, much like an Italian tobacco. The flavor is unquestionably a substantial part of the profile, but it’s not the lead player. Instead, it compliments the cardamom and clove, immensely satisfying toasted note that lends the juicing body, a sense of fullness, and a superb sense of balance.

With Cloud Alchemist’s impressive premium e-liquid Arrakis woody tobacco flavors, I was expecting a well-made tobacco, but I wasn’t anticipating a tobacco that was on the same level as flavors like cardamom or clove. The reality here is that, while this is not a straight, pure, stiff tobacco it is still a complex tobacco flavor with a mild sweetness. It has a unique utilization of cardamom or clove to create a blend that stands on its own two feet and stands proud. Don’t let the name fool you; this juice brings a mature sense of sophistication and class to Cloud Alchemist‘s more playful catalog.

With most tobacco flavors that get a little boost from the sweeter complimentary notes, it’s all about total wattage. With Arrakis, wattage has little affect on the overall flavor. I vaped this juice all over the normal vaping wattage spectrum (and beyond), and while the Arrakis becomes slightly more potent with additional heat, the difference is negligible. In the ProVari/510 dripper rig, I spent most of my time with it at an even 10 watts (5v on a 2.5Ω atty), but again VV/VW is not required to eke out the best flavor.

I also had it in my 50w 10 amp capable VV mod (The Duke by Goss) topped with a dual coiled Nimbus (drilled to dual 1/16″ air intakes) at .9Ω and put about 35 watts through it with no flavor degradation to speak of. All elements of the juice remained bright and genuine while producing a stout throat hit and thick, dense clouds of vapor.