Cyclops Vapor had recently contacted me about some reviews for their e-juice. While I admittedly wasn’t familiar with the vendor at the time, I provided them with the juice submission information and got back to vaping and reviewing the vape liquid I was working on.

Very shortly after that, I received a variety of juice from the vendor, each in a brown glass dripper bottle, with an attractive desert/motorcycle motif label. I gave the bottles the standard shake and breathed every bottle received upon arrival and stashed them in the steeping drawer. After the usual three weeks steep, with the daily shake and breath, the juice was ready for review, and to be honest, I was quite impressed with the first bottle I tasted from the vendor. The next flavor in line from The Cyclops Vapor was one I thought I would enjoy. I was in the mood for something sweet and fortunately, this bottle, Artemis Berry Cobbler had been sitting in the on-deck circle since the previous evening. I was a bit concerned about the perfumey floral note that accompanies the vast majority berry flavors, but after the first review from Cyclops Vapor, I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, and I hoped for the best.

Review of Artemis Berry Cobbler


  • Weight:0.30 LBS
  • Strength:0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • Size:1oz, 2oz, 4oz


Flavor & Taste:

I grabbed a freshly coiled Nimbus, my Duke mod (50w/10a capable, by Goss), along with the bottle of Berry Cobbler and dove into what I hoped would be a sweet, creamy, decadent vape. The flavors here are certainly interesting, with the fruit taking an adamant lead over the crust flavor, which is used sparingly in the blend. The berry does have some of that perfumey flavor left, even after the usual steep and a full night spent with the dropper completely removed from the bottle, but it’s kept to a bare minimum, and in the end, it’s relatively easy to overlook.

I drip in a mech with a Magma. On the cooler side you get more fruit, and on the warmer end, you get more bakery. The taste adjusts as the coils get hotter. But either way, it is a great flavor. On the ProVari/510 dripper rig, I had to keep it to a mere 8.1 watts to recognize it as a cobbler at all. Even then it’s not nearly as potent as the berry in the overall profile.  I really enjoy vaping this e-juice. The Artemis Berry Cobbler has a rich, lush, creamy cobbler flavor that I really enjoy.

With that being said, if prefer a more in-your-face fruit flavor with a hint of cobbler, than this juice may be right up your alley. The Artemis Berry Cobbler from Cyclops Vapor is downright delicious.

The flavor is fairly consistent from the inhale through the finish, flush with the delicious, sweet taste of baked cobbler. Whether you call it pie, crumble, or in this instance, Berry Cobbler, the result is the same. This juice has no issues in the higher wattage, sub-O RBA rig. I fired it in the Duke at ~38w and found a flavor profile almost identical to what I tasted in the ProVari at 9.2w or 4.8v on a 2.5O atomizer.

If you expect to get cobbler out of this juice, I won’t go above the 8.1w or 4.5v on the same atty. The Artemis Berry Cobbler flavor is remarkably accurate without seeming the least bit artificial, and the whole berry taste is perfectly sweet and tart at the same time and the pie crust is perfection. While the juice provides a significant throat hit, it still has excellent vapor production, and the dead-on accuracy of the flavor capitalizes the enjoyment of this vape.

The inhale is a mixture of perfectly blended berries, and the exhale leaves a just out of the oven pie crust taste that will have your taste buds BEGGING for MORE!!! If you like desert vapes that aren’t too overpowering, you’ll love it!

Overall Assessment:

Artemis is the perfect e-juice! I picked this up today because It is amazing. I’m definitely a liquid dessert person, and this stuff nailed it! You can taste the pie crust and the berries. I’ve never tried a liquid so true to its description.