One fine weekend, you decide to be a couch potato and glue yourself to your bed. Plus, you pair it with the infamous Netflix & Chill (N&C). Now, that’s one very FINE weekend. N&C rose to popularity because of the current generation’s lifestyle. Technology, relaxation, entertainment, convenience are just some of the keywords to attract the generation of today. Watching their favorite chick flicks or RomCom movies and Sci-Fi series at the tip of their fingers in the comfort of their bedrooms or living rooms is the ultimate relaxation weekend experience of these earthlings. I admit that’s my idea of a perfect bumming weekend, but I have another N&C to complete my experience – it is Northland Vapor’s Nuts & Cream e-liquid. Interestingly, this is one of the company’s top-selling flavors, and I don’t even wonder why. You can get this flavor and any other products you desire with a 15% discount if you subscribe to their newsletter. I subscribed and am saving a lot of money because I buy quite a bit from Northland Vapor. Check out my review below to find out for yourself.

Flavor Review: Nuts & Cream (10/10)

This is definitely the best nuts and cream pastry e-juice for me! Personally, steeping it for three to four days ultimately gives the maximum flavor to my liking. It reminds me of hazelnuts with a subtle sweetness and a kick of caramel, just the way I like it. Seriously though, this flavor gives me a hard time to stop inhaling the juice until my tank is empty. I usually hit on this in the afternoon so much like my snack time with a twist of throat hit. And yes, I’ve been having my N&C fix all the time and did you know what the best part is? I can do it whenever and wherever. I definitely would recommend this flavor to any vapers I know, not only because this is the best selling flavor from Northland Vapor Company but because it is THAT good. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is, so far, it is the best hazelnut e-liquid I’ve found for a tank system! It is amazingly accurate to what it claims. My taste buds are leaning towards the pastry side so I have been searching for a good hazelnut flavor for years and I think it’s time to stop looking.

Aroma Review: Nuts & Cream (9/10)

Its scent reminds me of a quaint coffee shop or a lovely patisserie. The aroma of this e-juice transports you to pastry heaven. It is creamy, rich, and delightfully pastry-like. If you want the best Northland Flight Experience, don’t miss out on this one! Simply speaking, the smell is nice, it could pass for a delicious cologne scent. People would ask if I’m using a new body butter, but the funny thing is, it’s just from the vape e-liquid I’ve been using.

Vapor Review: Nuts & Cream (9.5/10)

Nuts & Cream e-juice gives the best thick clouds considering it is at 81 VG. Whenever I exhale this e-juice, it always has a very nice scent to it. I like it whenever I use it with my sub tank. Adjusting the power between 50-90 wattage gives me the clouds that I have been looking for – thick but still bold and flavorful.

I am going nuts (pun intended) with this hazelnut e-juice; it is creamy, slightly sweet, buttery but with a hint of caramel. Just make sure to steep it for a max of one week, and if you love the flavor tags, you’re going to be chain vaping 120mg like I did my first time! FYI, I just placed my third order for this specific flavor, and I’m expecting it in two days. It is available in 2 sizes at 30ml and 120ml bottles. Well, for hoarders like me, I bought four 120ml bottles because I’m planning to give one to my friends because I’ve been raving about this like crazy thus, them asking for a trial. I believe Northland Vapor is a new company but definitely gives worth to your money. If you’re looking for a cheap e-liquid, Northland Vapor caters to these, but their price is a bang for your buck because you get premium taste per e-liquid bottle. If your taste is more on the pastry side, I saw that they have a new flavor named Mint Chip. I’ll probably give that a try next time. And they also have other types of flavors from fruity to cool menthol ones. I will definitely try them on my next order.