A vape pen is a small vaporizer that can be easily carried anywhere by users. Most types of vape pens look like fountain pens though some have distinct designs. This makes vape pens easy to carry in your hand or pocket. In fact, many people will think you are carting a normal pen, but in a real sense, it is a vaporizer. Usually, vape pens function same as bigger conduction vaporizers. Different vapes can use oil, wax or liquid that sets in the upper chamber that use heat from a coil to produce vapor.


Top Vape Pens 2017

E-liquid Vape Pens

Most people are well conversant with vaping pens that are primarily electronic cigarettes that come in the form of a pen. These vaping pens uses e-liquids, vape oils as well as e-juice.

E-liquid has a selection of diverse flavors that contains the following constituents: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, and Flavors. The good thing about this vaping pen is that it gives you the freedom to select the aromas you like as well as the level of nicotine you want to consume. This means that you can taste Vaporfi and e-liquid flavors as well as create your mixes.

Best E-liquid Vape Pens

Apollo V Tube Review

The Apollo V-Tube can fire down to 0.2ohm and fire up to 50W. This vape pen contains 510 connections.This kit is excellent for those users who want a powerful vape tube regulator that can give them the ideal platform for e-liquid vaping.
This kit also comes with accessories like dual 18650 battery charger, 18650 battery, different ohm tank and 30ml max VG e-juice selection.

Vaporfi Rocket Review

This kit has the following features, prime 2.5 ml tank alongside air flow options and a 1600mAh changeable voltage battery. This rocket offers a pleasant vaping experience with air flow choices, variable energy and much flexibility. The vapor production and flavor you acquire from Varpofi is delicious. Other best e-liquid kits include Vapor Pro and Eleaf iStick.

Dry herb vape pens

Some vaporizers have the ability to vape dry herbs. These herbs have been in use for centuries for the purpose of relaxation, meditation, and healing. Particular herbs and flowers are dried, crushed, and put in a vape pen. In the vape pen chamber, the dry herbs are heated to discharge a vapor that is inhaled by users. Certain herbs and flowers have different aromatherapy properties.

Vaping marijuana via vaporizers is extremely popular since you do not have to burn leaves as it was in the past. Research has revealed that vaping cannabis is more safe and efficient than bong smoking or the traditional joint. This study showed that people who vaporized marijuana tend to feel more powerful, hence need to be careful.

Best dry herb Vape Pens

Atmos Boss
This is an enhanced variety of the Atmos Raw for vaping dry herbs. It is well recognized for fast 40 seconds heat up period, slim design, and super sleek. Atmos Boss can heat up to 385 degrees and offers a pleasant flavor along with a smooth draw.

V2 Pro Series 3
This is a multipurpose 3 in 1 kit that aids you to shift without difficulty between dry herbs, waxes, and e-liquids. This kit uses different units for e-liquids, waxes, and herbs and they fit well in the pen. It is also able to hold 0.1g of herbs in its chamber.

Cloud V Phantom
Cloud V Phantom is an attractive herbal vaporizer kit. It has the capability to hold 0.3g of dry herbs. The most eminent thing about this equipment is that when you purchase it comes with two batteries.

Wax and Oil Vape Pens

Oil and waxes are concentrates of specific substances. Since they are a concentrated blend, you have the advantage of only needing a small quantity of this element to get an even outcome. Therefore, if you want to vape oils and waxes, you have to find a vape pen that can perform the same.

Cloud V Classic
This is a micro pen that can be used to vape either wax or oils. Cloud V Classic kit is easy to use, and it is minuscule. This makes it easy to put in your pocket and to remove whenever you need to vape. Another important thing about this kit is that it can be charged using a USB cable. It has a classic atomizer, which heats waxes and oils faster and more efficiently.

Pros of vape pens

  • Vape pens have a light weight and are small in size making them portable.
  • They are highly reliable.
  • These kits have the ability to last for an extended period.
  • Using a vape pen is stress-free as well as enjoyable.
  • They come in different styles and designs.
  • They come with a varied selection of vaping content and flavors.
  • They do not become too hot.

Cons of using vape pens

  • Laws restrict vaping in public areas.
  • May lead to addiction, more specifically for those who prefer nicotine content.
  • Some vape pens are pricey.

Benefits/What to expect

  • Reduces significant side effects.
  • These products are safe for the health of your lungs.
  • Vaping does not result in long-term respiratory disease.

Users Experience

  • Almost all users of vape pens agree that they are portable.
  • Other consumers say that they like these kits because they do not release smoke as ordinary cigarettes.
  • Also, they admit that they come with diverse vaping tastes.

How to Order Vape Pens
In case you want to have a vaping experience, you can go online and visit sites of authorized dealers of vape pens to view different offers and their prices. Mostly, when you place an order, you are guaranteed to receive your kit within a short period. Also, the shipping cost of these products is included in the displayed price.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]