Do you consider yourself a vaping vet? Have you tried out several vaporizers? If your answer to those questions was “yes,” then it is likely that you are going to enjoy using the new Geekvape Mech Pro Vape Kit.

This vape was designed particularly for experienced users. So if you consider yourself an expert when it comes to vaporizers, you may want to try out the Geekvape Mech Pro Vape Kit.

The Geekvape Vape Kit includes a Mech Pro mod and a Medusa RDTA tank. The RDTA tank should not be confused with the Geekvape Tsunami RDA. One of the major differences between an RDA and the RDTA is that the latter has a tank to hold the e-juice and feed the wick. The RDTA also has a major auto dripping function which the RDA does not have. When using an RDTA tank, you do not have to constantly pull the cap and drip into the wick.

The Mech Pro mod is designed with a gold-plated brass hard-wired circuit system, and it has a zinc alloy body. This advanced mechanical mod box comes in three different colors; black, red, and silver. The cover plates can easily be changed or customized to suit your preference or style. The mod box also comes with spare magnets and grub screws.

The Geekvape Mech Pro Vape Kit comes with two 188650 Li-ion cell batteries. You can choose whether to use the Mech Pro mod with either a single or dual battery. This mod weighs around 371g with a height of 33mm.

Despite its weight, you would find that the mod was designed with the user’s safety and comfort in mind. The mod has a reverse battery protection system and a button to lock the fire switch. These features are designed to prevent the occurrence of battery explosions and accidental fires.

Using the Geekvape Mech Pro Vape Kit, you would also find that the fire button is not hard to press and is very responsive despite the fact that it is made of solid copper and brass. The fire button in a previous version of this mod that was sent out to reviewers was very difficult to press. However, the button has been made easier to press after the company received feedback concerning the difficulty. Still, the button tends to get hot after being used for some time.

Geekvape’s Medusa RDTA tank is arguably one of the best products that the company has made thus far. This RDTA tank comes in different colors including black and silver. It can hold up to 3mL of e-juice. The RDTA tank was designed to make the process of cleaning and refilling it very simple.

Thanks to the Geekvape Mech Pro Vape Kit’s adjustable holes, you can enjoy a balance of rich flavor and lots of vapor. All parts of the Geekvape RDTA tank can be detached with ease. You can effortlessly install coils without any hassle. However, the tank only uses sub ohm coils. Also, the Medusa RDTA tank only works with mods that can support the atomizer and coil.

The Geekvape Mech Pro Vape has a 30Amp maximum output and has a range of 0.1 to 3 ohms. For safety purposes, it not recommended for you to vape below 0.1 ohms.

This Mech Pro Mod is a very solid product that was made for experienced vapers. If you are looking to use the Geekvape Mech Pro Vape Kit, you need to have some knowledge of how vapes work and what ohm is all about as far as vaping is concerned.

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