A whirlwind of fruit punch flavor – Hawaiian style!


70% Vegetable Glycerin

30% Propylene Glycol


  • Natural & Artificial Flavoring
  • USP Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • USP Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
  • USP Nic Select Nicotine

Vaping Company

The vaping company behind this enjoyable flavor is Atomic Dog Vapor aka ADV. They are a rising company focused on creating hand-made vape juices. ADV ‘s main office is in Erie, Pennsylvania. It is a small-scale company but with promising products. They have around forty to fifty flavors in their current collection. They specialize in preparing their products manually even the e-liquid bottle are hand labeled. ADV’s juices are a work of art and made with love and zeal. Apart from its vape juice collection, the company also offers other vape paraphernalia. They carry devices,  mods, tanks, coils, batteries, and the like. They even have convenient eCigars/eCigarettes in their portfolio. I  first learned about ADV from a friend who got their ADV Chasing Rainbows flavor. I got hooked; hence I went online and purchased the Fruit Typhoon. The stand alone website looks so basic, and the user interface is straightforward and easy to use. Doing a transaction with ADV was pretty fast and convenient. I think it’s great that they develop their online presence more since they have the capability to get more of the vape market share. With their juice flavors and its affordability, Atomic Dog Vapor will go places.


Fruit Typhoon is decently priced in two segments. The mid-size is at $8.99. while the big-sized bottle retails at $14.99. I can’t believe how good of a deal this is. With less than fifteen dollars, I can own a bottle of yummy e-liquid that can satiate my vaping needs.

Packaging and Design

I found a disclaimer from their website saying that each product label is handmade, so they asked apologies for some imperfections or irregularities on the bottle. To me, it is not an issue. Instead, it makes me feel like each bottle from Atomic Dog Vapor is uniquely made. I love personalized items! Going back, the ADV Fruit Typhoon has two packaging options. The small size is 30 ml while the larger one is 136 ml. I got myself the 136 ml because it is very cheap anyway. The bottle is made of soft-squeeze hard plastic. It is a high-grade material so that it won’t trigger any chain reaction with the e-liquid. The cover is child resistant and comes with a dropper. The dropper doesn’t leak when you press the holder. It is easy to use when refilling as well. The ADV logo, flavor name, content measurement, and nic level are on the label anyway.

Flavor Review

The description over their website states it has a Hawaiian-style. That is the reason why I got attracted to get this flavor. It did not let me down. It is a well-combined and well-thought of e-liquid blend. The fruit flavors used complement each other’s sweetness. The tang and tart of the cherry, grape, watermelon, and strawberry makes a fantastic explosion with every inhale. The flavors pop out, and with each puff, you can experience a different kind of taste. At times, the strawberry flavor cracks upon intake. Other times, the watermelon notes are emphasized. It’s like a fruit platter of surprise. This kind of blend will be a staple in my rotation.

Vapor Review

At maximum VG level of 70, the e-liquid’s consistency is a bit thick, yet despite that, the ADV fruit typhoon is still a clean vape. I bought the 3 mg nicotine strength since that is the only nicotine level I maintain all throughout my vape liquids. Without much ado, the TH and VP of this e-juice are phenomenal. It is so smooth it makes me chain vape for hours. Not to mention, the vapor it produces are huge and aromatic. It even has a cooling effect to it. So far, I didn’t experience any dry or burnt hits. I maintain my wattage at 40-60 range. All I can say is how awesome that I get to experience Atomic Dog Vapor’s amazing products.