Ever thought of having a vape no larger than iPhone 5s? Or changing your coils without the need to empty your previous e-juice from the tank? These amazing features are made possible with Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO by Vape Supply Club. The PockeX is one of the latest products from Aspire and it strives to be one of the best e-cigarettes on the market. E-cigarettes can help as a potential alternative to the traditional way of smoking.

PockeX Specifications

Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO has a small size design which is very light and a perfect companion for traveling. It is slightly shorter than an iPhone 5s which fits perfectly in your bag or pocket. Aspire AIO model the PockeX vape pen is 19.7mm in diameter, and 117 mm in length.

It has 100% guaranteed leak proof  design. It has a non-adjustable airflow. There’s no need to drain your favorite e-liquid when you want to change coils. This vape pen has its coils submerged in the liquid inside the tank.

The design is light and small. Its tank can store 2ml of liquid which is a downside for heavy vapers. However, refilling is easy and causes no grief.

It can be used approximately two days for an average user and a day for heavy vapers. The battery is 1500mah. Due to the battery’s size, Aspire states that you should only use 0.6-ohm coils with this vape pen. Using anything higher, like a 1.8-ohm coil, may result in the coil being burnt, or the whole device getting too hot.

Design and Quality

This vape pen comes with enough color variance to suit your taste. It’s available in matte black, rose gold, Pantone white, and stainless steel. PockeX is as safe especially due to its travel-friendly design.

The Aspire PockeX in its box

The body is manufactured from stainless steel for a more durable and rugged feel. The sheath cutouts have slight round edges which gives it a very sleek design. The slimline black Delrin drip tip looks elegant. It has the same size of a normal cigarette making it useful for those who are shifting from tobacco smoking to use of e-cigs.

Safety Features

A visual confirmation is available to confirm the state of your device and as an added security feature. Pressing the fire button five times in succession will turn on the device and the LED will turn Blue. Click another five times to turn it off while the LED will turn Pink. The PockeX is charged from the base of the device via a small power cable that is supplied with the unit. PockeX will automatically stop charging if the battery has been fully charged however it is not advisable to leave your device unattended.

Another safety feature of this device is the automatic stop firing feature. The device will automatically shut off if the fire button is depressed for more than 10 seconds. This is a significant feature when your device is inside your pocket or bag and will stop any chance of fire or damaging your vape pen.

Vape Performance

There’s a fill line on the PockeX. As we have already spoken about previously, filling up this device couldn’t be easier. Unscrew the top cap and pour your e-liquid into the 2ml tank, making sure to not go over the max fill line. Providing a strong throat hit and excellent taste profile is one of the best features of coils and tanks by Aspire. The PockeX should produce as much vapor as a regular cigarette would produce smoke, which is certainly adequate for a standard mouth to lung vape device.

What comes with the package?

1PockeX AIO (0.6Ω Atomizer Pre-installed)
1 Replacement Atomizer
1 Micro-USB Cable
1 User Manual
1 Warranty Card

Pros and Cons


Low price, despite its high quality
Great vapor taste
Lots of safety features
Very easy to use
Top fill
Easy coil swapping
Battery lasts two days of considerable usage


Fire button has been known to be a little loose and can rattle
Small tank

Final Thoughts

This is ideal for those who want something lightweight and portable. It is a best companion for travel and people who simply want to get into vaping with an affordable product. Filling up is not complicated as you will simply fill the tank up and you are good to go. The PockeX will certainly keep the vapers happy. It can be used easily whether you are beginner or advanced.