Nicotine Strength  0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle Size  60ml

VG/PG Not Specified

Price $18.99 / 60ml bottle


Perfectly balanced milkshake from the combination of freshly prepared honeydew and juicy strawberry with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


This e-juice container is a white bottle with the Brand name Vape Wars  printed clearly and obviously. Based on the font style, it is Star Wars inspired. The label clearly explained what the flavor is all about. It has a glass with a milkshake with honeydew and strawberry on the side. It has a black dropper style cover which is ideal as it will ease the filling of your tank.

The Flavor is called Melon Wars that is clearly printed on the bottom part of the bottle. It comes in a 60ml bottle.

The Flavor

Have you ever experienced a craving for some milkshake? This time I really feel like having a milkshake, and when saying milkshake, I want something creamy with the right sweetness and of course, refreshing. Now the answer to my cravings is finally here. This e-juice has the sweet flavor of honeydew and ripe strawberries with a hint of vanilla ice cream at the end. You can definitely taste the milkshake as it is with the creaminess of vanilla ice cream that lingers at the end. This e-juice makes an irresistible and unique flavor which is absolutely amazing. The sweetness and creaminess are just the right amounts which are not too strong nor too dull. When you inhale, you will start to feel the honeydew and strawberry. The creaminess of vanilla ice cream will be felt at the end. This e-juice is just wonderful and really satisfies the craving for milkshakes.

Throat Hit

Since I focus more on flavor rather than the nicotine content, I find this e-juice favorable and gentle on the throat. I did not feel any harsh effect while the vapor travels to my throat. There is a little sensation but it is not a bad sensation. I had a satisfying experience with this e-juice, no feeling of thirst and did not leave my mouth dry.

Cloud Production

As a cloud chaser, I find this e-juice amazing when it comes not only on flavor but also with cloud production. The clouds are big and generous. It has a fresh smell of milkshake that stays and
does not disappear right away. The smell of the cloud is mild and is not irritating to the nose. I like the smell as it is not too strong for a milkshake flavor with a hint of creamy vanilla ice cream at the end. It is like having a glass full of refreshing milkshake with ice cream on top in front of you. This e-juice gives you a very enjoyable vaping experience. If you are a cloud chaser like me, I would recommend you to try on this one. This might be the juice that will satisfy your cloud obsession.

Nicotine and VG/PG Content

This e-juice has VG/PG ratio of 80/20 which is a good ratio. This rich and flavorful e-juice has an improved flavor with a gentle throat hit.
There are three Nicotine Strengths;  0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Where to Buy?

Exploring different flavors of e-juice is what keeps me interested, the same as other vapers around. This rich and flavorful e-juice is available online from  Strictly Juice along with other e-juices which will surely satisfy your taste and maximize your vaping experience.


The actual flavor of carefully prepared milkshake from the combination of juicy strawberry and fresh honeydew with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream on top is what this e-juice is all about. It has the right amount of sweetness and creaminess of vanilla ice cream. No weird or strong aftertaste nor harshness on the throat. This e-juice offers a gentle and smooth throat hit while providing you with a rich and flavorful strawberry and honeydew milkshake making you feel as if you are enjoying refreshing sips from your milkshake with the creamy hint of vanilla ice cream on top. As for cloud production, cloud chasers will be more than happy making clouds from this fantastic e-juice. Definitely worth a thumbs up for Strictly Juice for letting me experience this wonderful e-juice at an affordable e-juice.