Smok Stick V8 Specifications

If you are into pen-style vaping devices, then you know how challenging it is to find the best one that fits your needs. It may seem that these devices will constantly frustrate you. Well, Smok offers the best vaping devices and has nailed it with the Smok Stick V8 Kit.

The Stick V8 by Smok is a starter kit. It has everything that a vaper needs in a vape pen. You get a powerful 2000 mAh battery with this kit, which provides you the power that you need for long vaping sessions. Along with the vape pen, you get to have the TV8 big baby tank and 2 V8 baby m3 core dual coils. One of these coils is pre-installed. The kit also contains the standard USB cord for charging, some spare parts, a manual, and a vape band that helps you keep track of the device.

Smok has provided the Stick V8 with a battery life indicator which is displayed just below the drip tip. It is easy to see the e-juice level on this device because the tank is clear. The rest of the vape pen has a tube design. There are also options to choose from when it comes to the color of your choice with the Stick V8. The color variations include matte black, metallic silver, and a 7-colored design. You can easily disassemble this device which is convenient for cleaning it. This device can be purchased from Vape Store New Zealand.


Smok Stick V8 has an attractive and a very elegant pen design. The device has been set up so that it’s simple and easy to use. The best part of the Stick V8 is its powerful battery. This is packed with a 2000 mAh power source which is very good for sub-ohm clouds. The battery is so powerful that you do not have to recharge it all the time. Charging time for this device is up to two hours and its battery life lasts up to 3 to 4 hours.

This device has an airflow control that is flexible and allows you to find the perfect spot for vapor production. Stick V8 gives you the ability to adjust the air intake. This is a great feature for a vape pen since you are able to adjust vapor production depending on your need. There are other vape pens in the market but they only give you marginal control over its air flow. There is also an enlarged chimney diameter on this device. This ensures that the extra air does not get impeded. This feature lets you experience an uninterrupted air flow so that you are able to adjust, resulting in vapor clouds that are beautiful. You should not expect to get large, incredibly intense clouds from the Stick V8. That said, the taste of your e-liquid gets better when used on this device.

Stick V8 Features

The Stick V8 by Smok features a single-button operation. It also has a shut-off protection. This means that when the device is not used for 8 seconds it will automatically shut-off which not only makes the device safe, it can help protect your battery. Another thing that’s great about his device is it has short circuit, and low-voltage protection. It also has a lock on the tip of the pen that will seal the vape pen just right.


Smok has designed the Stick V8 as a powerful vape pen. The battery capacity of this device provides you with everything that you need to maximize the effectiveness of its coil and airflow. Compared to other vape pens, it is extremely easy to use and its design makes it handy to carry everywhere. This device can be used even if you are a beginner to vaping. Any e-liquid of your choice can be used on this device and you can purchase these e-liquids from  e-liquid New Zealand.