Cheap eJuice has different products and the Apple Juice Iced is one of the best. It has a rich apple fruit flavor with a menthol touch. This e-liquid will definitely satisfy your everyday vaping. The juice can be purchased online. Cheap eJuice’s office is in Costa Mesa, California.

Flavor Description

Apple Juice Iced has a unique flavor when it comes to e-liquids. You can taste the rich flavor of the apple fruit with a touch of menthol. Once you inhale the juice, you will right away taste the apple and as the flavor sinks in, you can feel the coolness in your mouth because of its menthol flavor. This is definitely one refreshment that you can have on any day. It is perfect, especially on a hot summer day. This juice does not have any chemical aftertaste which is really awesome since you do not want to have an unpleasant taste when you vape. You will feel your mouth water once you smell the aroma coming out from the juice. It makes you want to vape all day and you will keep coming back for more.

Nicotine Strength

The Apple Juice Iced has two nicotine concentrations. You can get the 3mg or the 6mg. If you want your nicotine to be mild and not so strong, you can opt for the bottle that has 3mg nicotine concentration. However, if you want to have your juice with a stronger nicotine in it, you can opt for the 6mg nicotine concentration. With either of these two, you still will experience the coolness of this e-juice.


Once you get to open your Apple Juice iced, you will notice right away how the thickness of the juice is just enough. This is because the VG/PG of the e-liquid is 65/35. The juice will be easy to drip and you can fill your tanks conveniently.

Throat Hit

This product from Cheap eJuice provides a mild throat hit. When you inhale the juice, you can feel a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat. However, it does not irritate at all. It is a pleasant hit and the best part is you will feel the menthol which is refreshing to your senses. 

 Vapor Production

The Apple Juice Iced can produce thick clouds. Aside from it being so rich in flavor it definitely has the good amount of vapor. You can sense that the smell of the apple and menthol lingers when you exhale. The clouds that come out also stay longer and do not disappear right away.


Cheap eJuice has made this product one of its best. It has been made with exquisite ingredients. The great thing about this e-liquid is that it has the rich flavor of apple and yet you can feel the menthol which is really refreshing. You can surely vape all day with this juice without any cringe. The Apple Juice Iced is also very affordable. You can purchase it at for only $11.99 for a 120ml bottle.  You can grab one now and enjoy your vape with this one of a kind juice.