The Black Note Solo is actually crafted around a Virginia tobacco base mixed with different menthol oils and crystals. Its menthol flavor comes from the perfectly dried-out mint leaves that will surely let you experience a sense of refreshment all around your palate. While there are a number of menthol-inspired flavors in the market today, only a few could leave a good impression to its customers and one of them is the Solo e-juice by Black Note. It is currently the only available menthol flavor in the Black Note lineup. This is one of the best ‘real’ menthol, and it is so much better compared with other e-liquids that usually taste much like candies or a spearmint.

With a goal of bringing quality and refreshing products to its customers, Black Note made the Solo e-juice using all-natural ingredients and employed using time-tested techniques. The menthol oils added just swirl around your mouth, and the gentle aroma of tobaccos help to balance the minty strength. This e-juice definitely just gives every aspect you could potentially think of in a menthol-based juice.

Just like other menthol products, the Black Note Solo can sometimes be a little strong and harsh on throat. But since it has been crafted carefully, its menthol tones are not overpowered by the tobacco. The hit itself will not get rid of the menthol-inspired smoothness.

You could pick up clues of the Virginia tobacco at the start of the draw. This is accompanied by a rising tide of cooling menthol with a subtle yet gradually building up taste of icy mintiness. The menthol flavor is undeniably there towards the end of the draw and is strongly released on the exhale. Meanwhile, the tobacco undertones are just there floating in the background all throughout, but they tend to be less noticeable from the start of your puff onwards.

The e-juice has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 50 /50 . For a menthol-based product, the vapor produced by the Black Note Solo is just at the right level of thickness. And the clouds produced are also not too thick, although it stays noticeable. The ratio produces just the perfect amount of vapor and at the same time preserves the richness of the flavor.

Black Note has been dubbed as the “tobacco juices fit for connoisseurs.” It is one of the most trusted brands in the vaping industry today as it obviously knows how to meet its customers’ demands. Aside from its premium quality, it incorporates naturally extracted tobacco (as in real tobacco leaves) to craft an authentic and sophisticated blend that cannot be accomplished with mere artificial flavorings. It employs a technique called cold maceration process that could take between six to eight weeks. The complexity and length of its process just show that producing quality products is more important for Black Note.

The e-liquid is comes inside a glass, child-proof bottle. Its packaging really looks classy and elegant. Bottles are stored in beige cardboard tubes, wrapped with worn paper coloring with a musical note logo displayed together with the company name and a faux stamp. Vital data such as flavor description, PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, batch number, and other warnings are also displayed both on the bottle and the cardboard tube.

The only menthol option from Black Note comes in five nicotine levels — 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg per ml. The 24 mg/ml is a useful inclusion for Black Note users who need an extra dose of nicotine.

Beginners could try the Black Note Solo using an Aspire Zelos Kit for only AUD $79.95, while advanced users could go for the Innokin Kroma Kit that costs only AUD $64.95. Both are up for grab at Caktus Vape.

You can grab a 30-ml bottle of the Black Note Solo for as low as AUD $34.95 only at (the cheapest I could find). Believe me, you may think it is a bit pricey but the tag is totally reasonable. Remember, you are actually getting one of the best menthol products that your money can buy. And for a product with an incredible level of quality, every penny you spent is totally worth it.

If you truly are a menthol lover, Solo by Black Note has really raised the bar when we talk about mint-infused vaping!