Blueberry is a tasty e-juice created by US based e-liquid manufacturers Jam Monster. This premium e-liquid maker created quite a buzz in the vaping industry after the release of its delicious line of breakfast inspired e-liquids. Jam Monster e-liquids are unique for their blend of butter, toast and jam flavors. And Blueberry is no different; this e-liquid tastes just like a fresh buttered piece of toast spread with a generous amount of blueberry jam. Vapers who like blueberry butter toast will enjoy taking hits of this e-liquid. Blueberry is one of those rare e-liquids that can be easily added to your list of flavors that can be vaped all day long. The taste is bound to bring back memories of home made blueberry jelly.

You are likely first to observe the taste of fresh blueberries when you inhale this Jam Monster e-liquid. However, the taste of this e-liquid comes together fully on the exhale. Your taste buds will initially be filled with the same blueberry flavor felt on the inhale but that soon changes when hints of butter and toast fill your taste buds. It’s also important to note that the flavor of the blueberry jam is the most dominant flavor in this premium e-juice. The other flavors in Blueberry are quite subtle. This e-liquid has a pleasant yet strong after taste.

Jam Monster’s Blueberry e-juice contains both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 75/25. The VG ratio in Blueberry is a little higher than the other flavors in the Jam Monster breakfast e-liquid line. Blueberry should be dripped using a rebuild able atomizers (RDA) for best results. However, this e-liquid also works remarkably well on a sub ohm tank. Blueberry like the other Jam Monster e-liquids are sweet and therefore may not be the best thing for your coils. Its advisable to change you cotton after about two days of vaping Blueberry.

This e-liquid produces tasty vapors which leave you with a smooth throat hit. The higher VG ratio of this premium e-liquid ensures that Blueberry produces a decent amount of clouds enough to please the average cloud chaser. This unique taste of this e-liquid is bound to have some vapers chasing clouds all day. Jam Monster’s Blueberry e-liquid comes in different nicotine strength levels. These nicotine levels include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Jam Monster’s Blueberry e-liquid comes in a blue box with white writing. Like the other flavors available in this Jam Monster e-liquid line, Blueberry comes in a Chubby Gorilla 100 ml bottle. These bottles have the advantage of being easy to carry when you are on the move. This premium e-liquid also comes with a pack of Cotton Bacon Bits. Most vapers would consider the inclusion of the pack of Cotton Bacon Bits as a huge plus to buying Blueberry. Cotton Bacon is a premium cotton of choice for most vapers.

Jam Monster’s Blueberry is an e-liquid that stands out. Depending on who you ask, Blueberry is arguably the best Jam Monster breakfast inspired e-juice to hit the market. The other flavor in the breakfast inspired line initially included only Strawberry. However, the Florida based e-liquid manufacturer has since added two more flavors to the line. These flavors are Apple Jam and Grape Jam. All these e-liquids share the taste and smell of toast in addition to their unique flavors. The Jam Monster breakfast e-liquid line also comes in flavored themed boxes.

If you love blueberry jam or blueberries in general, then you have to give this e-juice a try. Jam Monster’s Blueberry can be bought at for $24.97.