Smok AL85 Box Mod Review

There’s a better than average chance that by now you’ve heard of the Smok Alien mod, especially if you are a Smok fan. Maybe you’ve even had the chance to give it a trial run someplace. If you haven’t got around to picking one up just yet, you may want to check out Smoks latest offering before you actually make that move. The Smok AL85 Starter Kit offers again what has made the Alien so very popular, but it does this in a noticeably smaller package that many folks find outrages. (in a good way of course) In this review, we’ll evaluate the latest by Smok, decide if the device is worthy of your attention, and see if it can truly be called one of the best box mods out there.  The Smok AL85 was just listed on Top 75W Mod List.


Fair to say, the actual name is quite accurate here. This truly is the ‘baby’ version of the Smok Alien. It is fundamentally the same as its larger cousin, except that it’s in mini form. This simply means less power and a smaller size. It’s really all about sacrifices, as this technological wonder boasts plenty of functionality and a myriad of features that will have you drooling over it in short time.

The Smok AL85 has got temperature control and it’s offered in a simple, easy to use manner, something that’s missing on a lot of the other more complex devices on the market today. There has always been a dividing line when it comes to technical complexity in the vaping community. The reason being that many less advanced vaper along with beginners have found themselves stuck with inferior products due to the learning curve that is so often required when it comes to temperature control and other customizable features. As a growing number of the new devices start incorporating advanced features such as sub-ohm capability into the new simpler designs newbies will be able to far more easily be able to transition into those advanced vaping techniques.

Contents and Specs

There is the Smoke AL85 mod. You also will get one V8 Baby-Q2 coil that has a 0.4ohm rating pre-installed, as well as a 0.6ohm replacement. Aside from those essentials, Smok sets you up with a USB cable that is used for downloading upgrades and charging. As is always the case with Smok, you are going to get a nice assortment of spare parts and the always welcomed user-manual.

Overview of Contents

  • AL85 Mod
  • 0.4 ohm dual coil V8 Baby Q2 Coil
  • 0.6 ohm dual coil V8 Baby Q2 Coil
  • USB Charger/upgrade cable
  • User Manual
  • Various spare parts (rubber washers, plastics etc)

The AL85 is quite modest in size. It’s 71mm x 48mm x 27mm, and it weighs in at only 120 grams. As you probably may have guessed it’s rated at 85W of power. It’s got a voltage range that’s between 0.35 V and 8.0V. Coil resistance is 0.1 to 3.0 ohm when you’re in the Wattage mode and 0.06 to 3.00 ohms when you’re in TC mode. When it comes to temperature, you can expect between 200° and 600° Fahrenheit.

The Smok AL85 may not have quite the power output that it’s larger cousin has, but that in no way means that it’s a slouch when it comes to delivering you the sustained power you will need to produce those thick clouds of vapour and fantastic taste. This mod provides you with the fantastic features that give you what many of the larger devices struggle to match.