Will I sound weird if I say that I love The Joker? Yes, I am referring to the super villain Joker who is the archenemy of Batman portraying himself as an agent of chaos and rising to power in the criminal underworld. But really, while I love his character, I am not going to talk about him. Well, I was looking for something new to vape on recently and I was amused to come across an e-liquid named after one of my favorite characters.

As an avid fan who doesn’t want to miss any Joker-related stuff, I immediately bought this without second thoughts and gave it a try. I am so excited to see if this Joker e-liquid from Vape Suicide is as bad-ass as the character it portrays. Let’s check it out!

According to Vape Suicide’s website, the Joker e-juice is a treat for those who do not like pies. “So you say you don’t like pie? We have you covered with a rich and creamy cheesecake e juice instead. We added some sweet yet tangy dried apricots to the batter to make it that much better. While the cheesecake was baking, we roasted some marshmallows over the campfire to get that perfect oeey-gooey toasty flavor and whipped it into a decadent topping. You’re welcome.”

Just by merely reading the product description itself, I am already drooling! Boy how I love roasted marshmallows — they are to die for. This reminds me of those fun overnight camping moments I had with my high school buddies.

To start off, I have to be honest that the e-juice was really good. And again, the marshmallow flavor was so yummy.  If you have a sweet tooth and love dessert, then you should give this a try. I mean I have tried so many cheesecake flavors before, but this is a must have. It sure does have an extremely twisted apricot cheesecake with marshmallow topping, something only the legendary Joker can come up with.

So far, will it be too early if I say that this is my new favorite all-day vape? I mean every time I pick it up, I always find myself having a hard time putting it down. I have been vaping it for a couple of days already and I am already running low in supply. This just gets me craving every time.

Talking about the packaging, it really does reflect The Joker. The e-juice is stored in a black bottle with a faint yellow label. The image portrays the iconic look of The Joker — green hair, red lips, crazed smile, and maniacal cackle. The moment you get a hold of the bottle, you will already know who he is! Just below the image, you will find the brand name (Vape Suicide) and the nicotine concentration sits on its top right side.

While The Joker seems to be a rough and crazy individual that is hard to deal with, thankfully its e-juice is not as insane as you are probably thinking right now. In fact, it does a pretty good job on giving a smooth throat hit. It is mild and not harsh on the throat, something I always want from an e-juice. It also gives off a satisfying taste that is not too faint or strong, just the perfect blend. Of note, the strength of the throat hit increases as the level of nicotine concentration gets higher.

Even though the company did not reveal its vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (VG/PG) ratio, the Joker e-juice by Vape Suicide produces nice clouds. Both the clouds and the flavor do not disperse easily. It lasts quite long.

For the price and flavor ratio, this is fairly a cheap e-liquid. For as low as $24.95, you can already get a 60-ml bottle of this five-star rated blend at Lizard Juice. It comes in three nicotine levels as well. If you want something strong, you can go for the 6 mg. Average or those who are still starting can opt for the 3 mg, while the 0 mg is meant to cater those who do not want nicotine.

Overall, the Joker by Vape Suicide is something I would recommend. The flavor is really delicious. The Joker by Vape Suicide will really put a smile on your face.