Greeting vapers! Today, I am going to review to you a delicious vape juice with a very unique combination. Have you ever tried eating vanilla ice cream with blueberry doughnut? For those who are trimming down like me, I bet we deprived ourselves a lot with heaven-like desserts like these. So the question is, other than eating them, how can we taste these good flavors without feeling guilty? We vape them!

This review will be solely dedicated to this Blu Bean e-juice made by Dynamic Creations. I found this while the sweet tooth version of myself is browsing for some new dessert vapes to try. Here are my thoughts.

I have to say that the combination of these two very fattening desserts is awesome. We are pretty much used to the fact that a single flavor comes with a lot of variations when it comes to e-juice. Liquid makers just know how to do their thing, tweak a little, add more of this, and reduce some of that, just so it tastes different than the other. But impressively, this flavor is so unique I can probably vape this all day. (It is a perfect all-day vape by the way.)

The flavor is a little deep and rich and you will get some hints of buttery cakey flavor. On the inhale, you will get that rich and deep taste of the vanilla, and then the frosted taste of the doughnut comes through upon exhale. It has its own distinct kind of sweet richness that cannot be compared to other blends.

I do drip and tank in every e-juice I review and I try them in as many different spectrums as possible. I use fresh coils and fresh cotton each time so I get to deliver the best review for you guys. So in all honesty, for an e-juice with a high vegetable glycerin like this, dripping is going to give you the best flavor quality. What’s more, you can get some air into it. The air can help lighten deep flavors sometimes, and to be honest, this e-juice is so deep it actually needs to lighten just a pinky bit.

Now that I have mentioned vegetable glycerin, this e-juice has an 80% VG and 20% PG (propylene glycol ratio). For such a high VG, the clouds are pretty decent. They are huge, dense, and do not disperse right away. It can also easily fill the room in case you are up for a  cloud party. This e-juice contains Natural and Artificial Flavor, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, and USP Nicotine.

Despite its combination of flavors probably equating to too much sweetness, this flavor managed to balance everything well and is not harsh on the throat. The Blu Bean e-liquid can in fact deliver smooth and pleasant vaping on the throat. So yes, no harsh throat hit, no gaggy feeling, and no nose burning sensation, just like what you get from other typical dessert vapes.

Before I forget, you need to check the label as well. Aside from the fact that it is very informative (bears e-liquid facts like expiration date and manufacturing date), it is also very attractive. In fact, its physical appearance is as good as its flavor. The e-liquid is stored in a clear bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap. It is wrapped with a silver-colored label and the front portion displays the brand name. Images of a vanilla ice cream cone stuck in a blueberry doughnut is also displayed, as well as the nicotine concentration level.

And since I mentioned nicotine, this Blu Bean e-juices comes in three nicotine levels – 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. For a guaranteed nicotine-free blend, you should get yourself the 0 mg. Average vapers or those who are just starting out should opt for the 3 mg. And those who want some adventure and want to taste the strongest hit for this blend, the 6 mg is highly recommended for use.

Interested in getting your own Blu Bean bottle now? You can snatch a 60-mL bottle of this scrumptious blend for as low as $25.99 only at Indulge yourself with this incredible and irresistible flavor. As its website says, “this is one you won’t forget.”