I bet we all have our own memories of sipping on a can or bottle of lemon lime soda as if there is no tomorrow. Now, I would like to take you back to the memory lane and once again treat yourself to that sweet and tangy flavor in the form of the Cool Lime e-juice by Chill.

It can’t be denied that lime is the most suitable recreation of that delicious citrus soda we enjoy as teens. It just instantly refreshes our tongue especially during a hot summer day. Reminded of those good old days, here is my full review of how Chill’s Cool Lime blend will satisfy both your memories and cravings.

On the inhale, the Cool Lime e-liquids will make you wide-eyed, thanks to the burst of lemon lime goodness that will tingle on your tongue. Then on the exhale, you will taste that sweet and syrupy soda washing over your palate and satisfying each of your taste buds. The fizziness and the lime hit you right from the very first puff.

I love how this e-juice remained true to its flavor profile: Chill Cool Lime e-juice is a refreshing blend of hand-squeezed limeade mixed with sweet sugar and poured over a tall glass of ice. Chill E-liquids sure does know how to give this classic summer drink a unique twist. In all honesty, this sort-of reminds me of my favorite mojito sprite combo.

Interestingly, its taste is also as good as its aroma. I had not broken the seal yet, but the smell of lime starts to ooze, filling the room with lime juice goodness. The scent is even better when you open the bottle.

As for the cloud and vapor production, this baby is no slouch. It has a 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol ratio. It produces very big and dense clouds that do not just easily disperse. Its ingredients include natural and artificial flavor, USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and USP nicotine.

This is also a suitable all-day vape mate. Each puff allows you to enjoy the delicious flavor without causing any gaggy feeling, harsh throat hit, or even nose burning sensation. This Chill Cool Lime e-juice is really “chill” on giving a smooth and pleasant vaping experience.

Packaging-wise, the e-liquid is stored in a clear bottle and its label kind-a remind me of the cartoon movie Frozen. The label comes in grayish to black bottle with white snow-like spots printed all over the background. The brand name “Chill” is printed hugely and boldly in front using a frozen ice font. Below is where you can find the flavor name and the nicotine concentration. It is also equipped with a child-resistant dropper cap. It allows you to transfer juice from the container to the atomizer mess-free and also protects kids from inflicting any harm or accidents to themselves or others.

Speaking of nicotine, this blend has three nicotine levels to choose from – 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg. The 6 mg of nicotine is suitable for those who want to experience the strongest hit this juice can offer. Although it is way lower compared with other brands that offer up to 24 mg, average vape users find this already more than enough for their needs. The 3 mg is for those looking for an average hit or those who just want a taste of some nicotine. Then the 0 mg is for those who wants a guaranteed nicotine-free juice.

Price is almost always the next consideration when buying an e-juice next to flavor. Well, this e-juice is totally pocket-friendly. You can own your own 60-mL bottle for as low as $24.99. Trust me, this is worth the investment. It’s like an all-in-one package — flavor on spot, cloud is good, perfect all-day vape, and adorable presentation.

Chill Premium E-Liquids has other flavors to offer. If you want a refreshing combination of a variety of flavors, shop Tropicool e juice. It is a tart limeade infused with sweet honeydew, succulent peaches, and cold ice. I am pretty sure this irresistible fruity flavor is going to be your new favorite poolside drink. The Chill Cool Mango and Cool Melon flavors are also up for grabs in case you are up for some of those flavors.