One of the worlds best producers of e-liquids Naked 100 has done wonders again. Introducing Hawaiian Pog e-juice; a mixture of great and well preserved exotic flavors for those with a pressing need for great taste. This e-liquid is perfect for the beach or vaping on a hot summer day. Its fascinating experience will teleport you to your favorite island paradise.


Hawaiian Pog is made up of a high fruit flavored taste of passion fruit, orange, and guava. Once you open upa bottle of this E-juice, your mouth will water from its sweet fruity scent. This fantastic fragrance is so pleasant that all you want to do is indulge yourself in its flavor right away.

When you begin to inhale the vapor from this e-liquid, you will right away taste the real flavor of the well blended fruity mixture. This e-juice flavor is rich, and it will always stay in your mouth for a while. It’s sweet but the sweetness is just right, and you will never get fade up of it. In fact; you will want this as your everyday e-juice. This is an excellent e-juice for vaping all day.  Hawaiian Poge-juice made this e-liquid to be one of the best available on the market today

VG/PG Level

The Hawaiian Pog e-liquid is produced with an excellent VG/PG ratio of 70/30, a combination which will make you create your clouds in the air but with a right amount of vapor which won’t hurt you.

Nicotine Concentration

The e-juice has a minimal nicotine concentration level, from 0mg  3mg and 6mg which is suitable for everyone including those who do not need nicotine at all but wish to enjoy the fun of vaping.

Throat Hit

When vaping, one can sometimes experience an intensive throat-hit especially when it comes to e-juices with high nicotine concentration levels. However, this case is different with Hawaiian Pog because of its low levels of nicotine you will experience a very mild hit which makes it very enjoyable.

Vapor production

Hawaiian Pog E-juice produces thick and magnificent vapor. These clouds do not disappear right away. Another fantastic thing here is the sweet scent. It stays longer in the air and is pleasing to your nose.


Once you see a product by Naked 100,  you will know right away because the packaging is one of a kind. You can easily see the contents since the container is transparent. It has a cute sticker that has the logo printed clearly on the front part. You will see the images of the fruity flavors on the bottle and the nicotine level of concentration denoted. It is easy to identify this product since it stands out from all the rest. The bottle cap is firmly placed that you will not have to worry about spilling it .


The price set for the Hawaiian e juice is extremely affordable for everyone who intends to enjoy its uniqueness. It’s only $15.95 for a 60ml bottle which makes it easier for everyone to enjoy the exotic experience.


Naked 100 has its base in California in the United States. Hawaiian Pog e-juice is among the many e-liquids produced by the company. It is both manufactured and bottled in the United States. The company has made a significant mark on the market by creating a premium quality yet affordable e-liquids.

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