Veteran smokers say that e liquids can’t create an intoxicating magic, unless it gets everything right. Well, after vaping Fluffy Crunch for almost an entire day, I feel that here is one e juice that has absolutely nailed it. While this vape juice does have some minor drawbacks, but again they are minor and I certainly don’t intend to whine too much about them in this review.

Now that I have made amply clear that I have become ardent fan of this e juice, allow we to acquaint you with reasons and factors that has made me so addicted to this e liquid. Firstly, when you open a Fluffy Crunch bottle, your nostrils will get swayed by a sweet scent that has a hint of marshmallow icing and crunch berry cereal. While these are certainly two very important ingredients, the another critical ingredient of this e juice is Rice Krispie. These ingredients add lot of taste on their own, but getting them right is equally important and this e juice has surely hit the bulls eye on this front.

Fluffy Crunch

But the thing that has impressed me the most is how this e liquid nudges you into the transcendent world. Here it is important to note that it nudges and doesn’t forcibly push. This is to say that Fluffy Crunch is incredibly smooth. It doesn’t overpower your senses, but steadily calms them before unleashing the magic like a slow poison. The only obvious difference here is that this slow poison doesn’t kill, but relaxes you.

There are three nicotine strength options available for Fluffy Crunch; 0mg, 3mg and 6mg.For people who desire for a good throat hit, they will obviously have to settle for 3mg and 6mg options. However, irrespective of which option you settle for, you’re sure to get a lot of vapor from every single puff. This is because this e juice boosts a very good vapor production. As for any side effects and bad aftertaste, this vape juice won’t give any such problems to you. I certainly didn’t witness any nose tingling sensation, coughing or weird after taste.

Talking about packaging, I certainly loved it. I especially liked the retro feel that this package brings forth. The picture of the dreamy girl pasted on the package certainly makes you go surreal and also curious at the same time. The package is equally very informative as it enlists all the details of ingredients and other important details like vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which is by the way 70/30.

Coming to the company that manufactures this vape juice, then I personally rate Elysian Labs as one of the upcoming and promising companies. The company has already made a niche for itself for making delicious e juices. I have tasted their e juices like Fluffy Pebbles and Fluffy, and found them equally delicious and smooth. Their incredible consistency in quality is certainly praiseworthy.


You can find all Elysian Labs products at all the physical retail stores, or on online shopping websites where one can buy e liquids at discounted price. For the best deals on e liquids you can visit It is one website that will surely never let you down as far as discounts are concerned. All the products sold on this website are also genuine.

Now finally coming to the most important factor, i.e. price. Conventionally, quality stuff always cost huge bucks, but this particular vape juice is an exception. This product has been priced at only at $29.99, while it also available at discounted rate of $22.99 on several online shopping websites. Logically, if one takes into account the quality that is at the offering, this price doesn’t appear to be hefty. At least, I found the cost to be very much affordable.

In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that Fluffy Crunch is worth the buy. It is delicious, smooth, and affordable as well. Just as I said in the beginning of the review that it is one of those e liquids that has got everything right. Although it may not be the most perfect e juice, it is almost perfect. So vape it and enjoy it.