If you are looking for a bong that is portable and stylish, you need to check out the HaSmoke online store. This is one of the best online smoke shops to find bongs and accessories. HaSmoke has a large collection of attractive bongs and dab rigs. Most bongs on this store can be converted to dab rigs and vice versa. Some of them even come with ice catchers to allow you put ice in the bong. HaSmoke bongs do not only score full points in terms of aesthetics, but they are also highly functional. All the bongs at this store are made of thick, high-grade glass. Here are four of the best girly bongs in the HaSmoke shop.

Blue Leaf Small Water Bong

The first thing that stands out when you first set your eyes on this bong is the two intricately designed leaves on its side. This is a relatively small bong with a height of 7.5 inches. It is handcrafted from borosilicate glass and has 14mm thick joints. You can tell that this bong is a top shelf product from the moment you set your eyes on it. It is one of those bongs that will stand out in your collection. The bong comes with a bowl to smoke dry herb, but you can switch the bowl to a dab rig if you want to smoke wax or concentrates. It has colored accents which add a nice touch to its appearance. What’s more, the mouthpiece of this bong is not too big. You can get it on the HaSmoke online store for only $26.

Double Tree Percolator Straight Tube Water Pipe

If you are looking for a bong that looks good and also performs excellently, then you will love this one. This tall tube bong is a work of art. It measures 16 inches tall and has 18mm thick joints. The bong comes with two 8-arm tree percolators. This guarantees rigorous filtration and cooling of smoke before you inhale. The bong even comes with an ice catcher so that you can use ice to cool down the vapor more and get smooth hits. It also features a splash guard so that no matter how hard you draw, water will not get into your mouth. This bong comes with a dry herb bowl. However, you may be able to use a bad rig on it. You can get this bong on the HaSmoke shop for $69.

Glycerin Coil Water Pipe

This Glycerin Coil Water Pipe is a special one. It comes with a removable condenser coil which is filled with freezable glycerin. You need to remove this chamber and freeze it before you use the bong. When you are using the bong, the smoke will be cooled down as it passes through this chamber – much the same water ice cools down smoke. This bong is designed with an inline percolator so you can get well-filtered smoke. The bong is made of solid clear glass and has 14mm thick joints. This bong is available on the HaSmoke store for $65.

Mini Ball Water Pipe

This 9 inches tall water pipe is made of 4mm thick glass and comes with 14mm thick joints. It has a slightly bent neck which not only serves as a splash guard but also makes it more convenient to use the bong in any position. The bong comes with a dry herb bowl, but you can switch that for a dab nail if you want to smoke wax or concentrates. The bong comes with a showerhead percolator. It also features an internal recycler glass ball that will put the smoke through another round of filtration. This bong is available on the HaSmoke store for only $64.99.

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