Recycler dab rigs are one of the latest smoking inventions. Recyclers get their name from the fact that when you take a drag, the smoke goes through two different chambers where it undergoes filtration before reaching the mouthpiece. Due to this double filtration mechanism, recyclers filter smoke thoroughly. It also produces much cooler smoke and richer flavor compared to normal bongs. Recyclers are not only fun to look at with all the bubbling effect but will give you the smoothest rips. In this review, we will look at a selection of five of the best recycler dab rigs and bongs on the HaSmoke online store. HaSmoke is the number one site to find the latest and best dab rigs, bongs, and bubblers online.

Big Recycler Dab Rig With Honeycomb Percolator

This is a sturdy and massive bong which is just as functional as it is durable. This recycler is made of clear scientific glass and measures 18 inches tall with an 18mm joint. It has a thick round base so it can sit comfortably on a flat surface. The mouthpiece of this dab rig is not very large, and it has a series of rings designed into the neck. What makes this recycler dab rig stand out more than anything is its double chamber percolators. When you take a drag, the smoke goes into the ring percolator before entering the second chamber with the stereo matric percolator. This guarantees thorough filtration. You can get this recycler dab rig for only $87.

Multiple Chamber Honeycomb Percolator Water Pipe

This intricate glass bong measures 13 inches tall and has a 14mm female joint. It is made of clear glass with colored accents at the base and the flared mouthpiece. The first thing that strikes you when you see this bong is its chandelier design. It has five different chambers which all contain honeycomb percolators. There is also a central barrel percolator at the base of the bong. When you take a drag, the smoke travels through the barrel percolator before going through the honeycomb percolators. The bong comes with a flared mouthpiece and a bent neck so you can easily take hits from it. This is a classic recycler water pipe that will surely stand out in any collection. You can get it for only $80.

Incycler Water Pipe With Circ Percolator

The is a timeless glass bong with a complex percolator system. It comes with an incycler and a circ percolator to ensure maximum filtration. This rig is made of solid glass and measures 9.5 inches with a 14mm female joint. It comes with a bent neck and a flared mouthpiece for ease of use. When you take a drag from this recycler bong, the smoke travels into the circ percolator chamber where it undergoes the first stage of filtration. It moves to the recycling chamber. The water and smoke move between both chambers every time you take a hit, creating lots of beautiful bubbles. You will not get any harsh hits when smoking with this rig. It will give you big, flavorful hits. You can get this circ percolator incycler water bong for $54.99.

Dab Rig With Multiple Chambers

This solid dab rig measures 11 inches tall and has a wide, thick base. It is made of high-quality scientific glass. The bong has multiple chambers which are stacked on top of one another. There is a fixed downstem that connects from the first chamber to the bottom. When you take a drag, the smoke goes from the top chamber to the bottom and back up as it is diffused by the downstem. Although this rig looks bulky, it is not very heavy. It has a nice flared mouthpiece and an angle cut dome. You can get it for only $54.99.

Double Recycler Dab Righ With Honeycomb Percolator

This cool recycler glass bong looks very much like a cake. There is a honeycomb percolator at the base section of the bong. When you take a drag, the smoke travels into this chamber and climb up to the second chamber where it is sent back through the honeycomb recycler. The smoke is filtered repeatedly through this process before you inhale it. This bong has a bent neck with a nice flared mouthpiece. This rig will give you the smoothest hits. You can get this recycler dab rig for only $60.90.

These are just some of the recycler dab rigs and bongs for sale online on the HaSmoke store.