Mango is an exotic fruit that is tender, juicy, and sweet when ripe. It’s quite delicious to eat. The fruit is used in culinary to make a variety of gourmet recipes and for dessert. It also provides the ingredients for making fruity ejuices. Vapers appreciate the nice taste of mango in a fruity ejuice. Most recently a particular single fruit e-liquid caught their attention ; Space Mango by Cloudy Heaven.

Cloudy Heaven has a range of delicious single fruit flavored e-liquids that rank high in the vape juice market. Space Mango is a nice irresistible mango flavored ejuice appreciated by many vapers.

The Taste of Ripe Mango

The release of Space Mango sent waves through the vaping communities. This ejuice puts a particular twist of the mango single flavored e-liquids. It has all the juiciness and freshness of ripe mango. The sweet and creamy taste overwhelms your senses and sends them into overdrive. The sweetness is not overpowering. It’s just the nice natural taste of ripe mango. A nice cool minty sweet taste fills your mouth when you inhale. On the exhale, the taste is creamy, like mango flavor in vanilla milk. It’s the fantastic flavor that has Cloudy Heaven Space Mango regarded as one of the best single-flavored mango e-liquid on the market.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG)

The VG/PG rate of Space Mango is 60/40. It’s a proportion that vapers like. The VG is not too high and the liquid has a nice thickness. The slightly higher vegetable glycerin level means that the cloud production capacity of Space Mango is massive. Vapers who like blowing massive clouds prefer higher VG levels.. The 40% PG rate carries enough flavor in the vapor to produce one of the best mango flavor you will ever vape. Cloudy Heaven has you covered if you are seeking to simply enjoy the nice taste of mango

Nicotine Strength, Bottle and Packaging

Cloudy heaven bottles and boxes show their logo of an alien in a space suit floating above a cloud and the nice space blue color. On the alien is written they type of e-liquid, in this case, Space Mango.The bottle is clear and made of plastic. You can see the yellow colored e-liquid inside.

There is a nice safety cap in the shape of a funnel that is perfect for dripping. A bottle contains 50 ml of ejuice of 6 mg. The low nicotine level satisfies both novice and experienced vapers who prefer a mild throat hit

The Price

Space Mango has a price tag of only $10.99 USD. This is one of the best vape juice deals you will find on the market today. It’s very affordable and fits any budget. At that price, you obtain 50 ml of premium-quality e-liquid.

Cloudy Heaven has a reputation for brewing quality vape juice. The company takes great care during the brewing process and uses only natural ingredients. Vapers recognize the brand as the synonym of excellence. If you like high-quality, premium vape juice, you will not find a better deal. Space Mango will give you a great vaping experience. You will enjoy every puff and appreciate even more the fantastic taste of nice and juicy mango.


Space Mango is part of a range of single flavor, fruity eliquids manufactured by Cloudy Heaven. All their other products also enjoy the same popularity. Space Mango stands out for its fantastic mango taste. You can find other equally high-quality fruity e-liquids of Cloudy Heaven such as Creamy Melon, Fly Banana, and others.

With Space Mango, vapers enjoy the fresh taste of mango. Space Mango is for those that appreciate vaping mango ejuice or seeking to discover a fantastic single fruity flavored e-liquid

Space Mango is found in many e-cig stores, and as one of the best mango juice on the market, it receives many positive reviews. You can find out more about Cloudy Heaven Space Mango and its other products for best e-juice deals.

Space Mango by Cloudy Heaven is for all vapers novices or experienced seeking to enjoy the nice taste of mango and have a great vaping experience.