The delicious taste of donuts is satisfying in the morning for breakfast or at lunch. The way that the sweetness and the pastry flavor come together makes you want to savor every bit. As a vaper, you can enjoy the same delight from a good donut vape juice like Donuts by &Milk.

Donut is a popular flavor in the vaping market. You will find all types of donuts vape liquids on the market. Donuts by &Milk is one of the best donut e-liquids on the market. The different flavors come together well to give you a fantastic vaping experience. You will relish every single puff when vaping this e-liquid. This can easily be an all day vape.

Flavor Description

Donuts by &Milk is described as freshly baked donuts drenched in blueberry milk. When vaping this e-juice, you initially get a creamy milk flavor with hints of blueberry in the background. On the exhale, you get the light flavor of donuts. The flavor of the donuts is a lot more noticeable on the exhale. It mixes well with the milky blueberry cream to give you a thrilling vape.

All the ingredients blend very well together in this Donuts e-juice. There is a light sweetness that is not overpowering. You can also taste the pastry flavor. I give it an eight on a scale of one to ten.


Donuts by &Milk has a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. It has everything you expect from a max VG e-liquid. The cloud production is excellent,  The clouds dissipate slowly in the air. The e-juice viscosity is not too thick, hence you can vape using either a tank or dripper without any issues.

Although this is a MAX VG e-liquid, the flavor is there. You can taste the donuts.

Nicotine Strength

If you like e-liquids with a strong throat hit, then you might need to obtain additional nicotine shots. Donuts by &Milk will give you a mild throat hit. The nicotine strength levels available for this e-liquid are 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. When vaping the version of this e-liquid with 3 mg of nicotine, you can hardly feel the sensation. The vape is smooth on the inhale and exhale. There is no itching, burning or charring sensation in the throat or the nose when vaping this e-liquid.


Donuts by &Milk comes in a 120-ml clear plastic chubby gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. There is a very simple label on the bottle. On the front, there is an image of donuts with a cow in the middle and the brand name. You will find some useful information about the product on the label.

The 120-ml bottle is an economical size bottle that will last a few days. If this is an all-day vape for you, you can easily finish the 120-ml bottle within three to four days.


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Donuts by &Milk is a delight to relish at any moment of the day. It’s the type of vape juice that you can easily get hooked on. This is one of the best donut e-liquids currently on the market.

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