The season for pool parties, barbeques, and golden tan is just around the corner. Summer means giving yourself time off and enjoying a tall glass of sweet umbrella drinks. For vapers, it is a time to hunt for vape juices that will bring a touch of coolness to beat the heat.

Without further adieu, let us dive into some refreshing tropical fruit flavors, tea blends, and other crisp flavors to keep you cool all summer long. Here are the recommended vape flavors to try this summer.

1. Fruit Punch E-Juice

Of course, the best way to quench your thirst is a smooth, cool, and relaxing Hawaiian punch flavor? This delicious summer treat from Slims E-Juice is far from your average vape juice. It is a mixture of rich and sweet fruit flavors that will not only sweeten your day but also improve your mood. Vaping this e-juice feels like sipping on a cool glass of Hawaiian Punch, and all you need is a view of the beach. What else can I say, this e-juice is bursting with fruit flavor!

2. Iced Tea E-Juice

Iced Tea by Slims E-juice will freshen you up even on the hottest of days. The e-juice gives you refreshing hints of tea. It will leave you craving more. The taste of this e-liquid is similar to that of a homemade iced tea. But what makes this e-liquid superior to others is its sweet and tangy lemon taste. You will find the balance between the lemon and tea perfect. Make sure to give this a try!

3. Lemonade (Natural) E-Juice

For some kids, summer means putting up carts at the curbside and shouting “Lemonades! Get your cup of lemonade!” Well, this light and refreshing Lemonade e-juice will definitely take you down the memory lane. You will enjoy the fullness of its flavor. It is a nice combination of sweet sugar and fresh sour lemons. Both the inhale and exhale gives you that tangy bite of fresh lemons. The flavor is fresh, and the entire vaping experience is revitalizing.

4. Blackberry Mojito E-Juice

Blackberry Mojito is a good rendition of Cuba’s most famous cocktail. This is a nice combination of blackberries, mint, and rum. Both the inhale and exhale will give you a sweet and light minty taste that blend well with the notes of sweet blackberries. There are also subtle citrus notes in the background. All in all, this blend will make a perfect vape while you are sunbathing at the beach. This e-liquid is the best way to enjoy as much mojito as you want without getting a hangover.

5. Pina Colada E-Juice

Pina Colada, anyone?

This Pina Colada e-liquid by Slims E-Juice is probably one of the best pina colada e-liquids that you will find in the market today. This is vacation inside a bottle. You will fall head over heels as you savor the smoothness and sweetness of the coconut and pineapple flavor in this e-juice. Pina Colada is the perfect e-liquid to vape all summer long.

6. Root Beer E-Juice

Everyone, raise your frosted mugs in salute! Who would ever think your classic root beer is now available in vape form. The flavor of this vape liquid is so close to the real thing you will be probably be wiping the foam off your upper lip. Truly, nothing says summer just like the frosty bliss of a root beer. Bottoms up, people!

7. Pink Champagne E-Liquid

Just as the French would have it, Pink Champagne e-juice has a delectable, aromatic, and refined flavor. This vape juice contains strong notes of strawberry mixed with the flavor of white wine and subtle hints of red wine. The overall flavor is light and sweet all that is probably missing is the fizzy sensation in your throat. Enjoy luxurious Malibu nights with this exquisite, all-day vape.



The list of summer vape juice flavors goes on. Just make sure you enjoy the sensations of each of these summer e-liquids. Also, be sure to remember that e-liquids tend to have a better viscosity in warm weather, which means more vapor. So, enjoy vaping. Toodles!