Summer is here and what’s better than having a delicious e-juice to beat the heat. Here is a list of some of the most amazing vape flavors that you can enjoy royally this summer.

Blackberry Mojito E-Juice

This unique twist to the customary mojito drink happens to be one of the most popular mixed drink in Cuba. When you combine mint, blackberry and a trace of citrus lime, you get a mouth-watering flavor like no other.

If you are looking for a refreshing minty and fruity e-liquid to vape on a warm summer day, this one is for you.

With this e-liquid, you can savor the taste of a blackberry mojito without any liquor. It will give you the feeling of chilling by the beach. The sweet and tart taste of this vape juice and the cool minty flavor make a refreshing blend.

Did somebody say clear skies and a high of 28 degrees? Well, yes! It’s that time of the year again. Trust me, when you wake up without a hangover, you will thank the heavens for that!

Coffee E-Juice

So your alarm goes off and you creep out of bed – another day! And then you walk into the kitchen and turn on the coffee machine. After ten minutes, your measure of joe is prepared and you’re prepared to leave the house and begin another day at work.

But, consider the possibility that you don’t have the energy or time to prepare your morning coffee. All things considered, not all mornings go as planned and some days can be hectic.

Indeed, there’s a vape juice flavor to give you your morning coffee fix.

I am not a barista, but I’m quite certain you will love this e-juice.

Morning vapes are not generally easy to find, and it can take a little effort to discover a satisfactory breakfast vape juice. A

This e-juice was created for all coffee lovers!

Spark up your morning with this coffee e-juice! This vape juice has the flavor of naturally grounded coffee beans. The taste of rich coffee will enchant your senses and prepare you for the day ahead.12e

Blood Orange E-Juice

I was introduced to blood oranges just a couple of years ago. If you’ve yet to taste a blood orange, then you must try this vape juice.

Blood oranges come with a brilliant red inside which is overflowing with the delicious flavor of berries and cherry.

While blood oranges are one of my top favorites, they can be difficult to find. Depending on where you live, they may not be available all year round.

But wait! Here’s the best part: there’s a vape juice just for that!

This blood orange vape juice is overflowing with a mild citrusy flavor with an undertone of berries. It has a rich fruity flavor which we long for in the summer. This e-liquid will give you the exact taste of a blood orange! If you have a thing for blood orange, then this e-juice was made for you.