Cloud chasing is one of the thrills of vaping. Some vapers practice it at a professional level while others just do it for fun. Cloud chasers go to great lengths to find the best device because your setup can go a long way to determine the kind of vaping experience you will have. In this post, we’ll be highlighting the features that you will find on the best tanks for cloud chasing. Also, we’ll look at what you need for a great cloud chasing experience.

The Two Things to Take into consideration

If you like producing huge clouds when vaping, there are two things you must take into consideration to get the best result.

  • The device – You need a vape kit that can provide enough power to create big clouds. Advanced cloud chasers usually go for rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA).
  • The e-juice – E-liquids that have a high vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio are the best for cloud chasing.

Features of a Good Device for Cloud Chasing

As indicated above, seasoned vapers go for rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA) or rebuildable tank atomizers (RTA) to get massive clouds of vapor. Building your own coil is an art that necessitates a certain level of mastery. It allows you to get the most out of your vaping experience. There are different types of coil builds. Each is unique in terms of its flavor and vapor output. Below are just some types of coil builds:

  • A single coil build
  • A dual-parallel build using 24g wire
  • A macro coil build using 24g
  • A dual coil build using twisted 28g wire

Some features of a good device include:

  • The airflow – To create huge clouds, you need a device that comes with adjustable airflow. If the airflow is too wide, it may result in thin vapor while if it is too tight it might not produce much vapor.
  • The Battery – It goes without saying that a powerful battery provides bigger clouds.
  • The wicking – The wicking material you use can also affect your vaping experience. Most experienced cloud chasers recommend organic Japanese cotton.


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Cloud chasing is not only about your e-juice and device but also your technique. To produce huge clouds, you need to master taking deep direct lung hits. You will not be able to produce gigantic clouds if you are vaping with the mouth-to-lung (MTL) method. There are also cloud tricks you can learn like making o-rings.

Another thing to consider is your drip tip. A wide drip tip allows you to draw more vapor with each puff.

Vaping is a fun activity. Many people vape rather than smoke cigarettes because they get to enjoy a wide variety of flavors and also perform cloud tricks.

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