Today, I am going to review an e-juice from Vape Craft Inc.’s new e-liquid line called Vapors Anonymous. There are five e-juice flavors in this series namely The Sponsor, Relapse, Twelve Steps, Milk of the Gods, and Vapeaholic. If you want to check them out, they can be found here.

In this review, we’ll be looking at Milk of the Gods.

Flavor Profile

“Milk of the Gods is a creamy caramel flavored e-liquid with a surprising twist of golden nectar and a hint of cinnamon.”

Based on the description, there are three flavors prominent on this e-juice. We can expect caramel, cinnamon, and nectar.

Sounds interesting, right? Ready to find out what this flavor can offer us? Read on.

Actual Flavor

Are you familiar with horchata (CHAH-tah)? This is an authentic traditional Mexican beverage. It is a rice drink with cinnamon and sugar. It has a distinct creamy appearance.

Milk of the Gods e-juice is based on that drink. Being someone who enjoys anything Mexican, I can say this vape liquid is close to the real thing.

On the inhale, you get a sweet and creamy caramel taste with nectar. It is more like a sweetened cream though. But its sweetness is just perfect.

Midway through the inhale, you start to pick up the notes of cinnamon. If you are not familiar with the flavors playing around your mouth, you might mistake them for something else. The layers of flavors get a bit tricky, and the e-juice ends up like a jigsaw puzzle you try to guess.

On the exhale, you get a mix of all the flavors. The e-juice leaves a creamy aftertaste in your mouth.

This vape liquid is perfect for those who are looking for a nice, creamy vape.

Milk of the Gods comes pre-steeped. However, you can choose to steep it again to improve the flavor.

Price and Juice Information

A 60-mL bottle of Milk of the Gods is available for only $22.99 at the Vape Craft Inc. online store.

This e-juice comes in 60-mL gorilla bottle with a child-proof cap. You can conveniently refill your tank or dripper straight from the bottle without any spilling. There is a colorful label on the bottle with the Vapors Anonymous logo and some basic information about the product like the bottle size, nicotine level, VG/PG ratio, and more.

This vape juice is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine.

Vapor Production

Milk of the Gods is the kind of e-liquid that will please both cloud chasers and flavor chasers. This e-liquid produces enormous clouds of vapor that do not disperse right away.

Milk of the Gods e-juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol.

The color of the e-juice resembles maple syrup. It has a thick texture.


I recommend this as an all-day vape. It would particularly serve as a yummy dessert to enjoy after dinner. Although it is packed with sweetness, this e-liquid will not gunk up your coils at all.

Overall, I thank Vape Craft Inc. for deciding to reformulate this flavor. It superseded my expectations. I can’t believe something like this can be made.

I am giving this e-juice a score of 4.8 out of 5. Both the flavor and vapor production is excellent. The throat hit is average in intensity at 3mg, just enough to let you know it is there. I also love the packaging design.

So if you want some horchata in vape form, I suggest Milk of the Gods by Vapors Anonymous. It’s tastes so real you might forget that it is a vape juice.