There is something very special about Sweater Puppets by Humble Juice. This e-juice is a blend of tropical fruits. It contains mango, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon flavor. The taste is fresh and sweet. The flavor of this e-juice invades your palate and sends your taste buds into a state of excitement.

Sweater Puppets is a superb mango and melon e-juice. It starts with the juicy and sweet taste of ripe mango. It is also a bit tart. Then the melons come in. The cantaloupe is mellow while the honeydew melon is more noticeable. The melon flavor mixes well with the mango to create the perfect trio.

Sweater Puppets is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 20% propylene glycol (PG). The e-juice is quite thick, but you can choose to vape it using a tank or a dripper. This e-juice can gunk your coils quickly. However, that is a small price to pay for its enticing flavor.

Like all Humble Juice e-liquids, Sweater Puppets comes pre-steeped from the factory. However, you can choose to steep it again if you are not satisfied with how it tastes.

Sweater Puppets by Humble Juice comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this vape juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. You will get a mild throat hit from this e-liquid even when you are vaping the version with 6mg of nicotine. There is no harshness in the throat when vaping this e-liquid.

Humble Juice offers Sweater Puppets in two versions – the original version, and the on-ice version. The ice version includes hints of menthol. Ice Sweater Puppets is a great vape for those hot summer days. The cooling menthol invades your throat and lungs. It is very refreshing.

A 120ml bottle of Sweater Puppets costs only $24.99 at the Humble Juice online shop. This company is currently offering a BOGO (buy one get one) deal that allows you to get two 120ml bottles of any Humble Juice e-liquid for the price of one.

The BOGO deal is a fantastic offer. You either get two bottles of Sweater Puppets for the price of one, or you can pick any two Humble Juice e-liquids for that price. This deal is only available at

Sweater Puppets by Humble Juice has a simple and vibrant colorful packaging design. The e-liquid comes in a chubby gorilla bottle with a childproof cap. The Humble Juice logo is printed on the bottle along with other information about the product like the flavor name, VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength level, and more.

Humble Juice makes some of the best e-liquids on the market. Apart from Sweater Puppets, there are nine other e-liquids in this line.

Humble Juice has other e-juice lines such as the Humble Ice Juice series, the Havana Juice series, the Havoc Juice series, the HMBL Juice series, and the Hustle Juice series, and the Humble X Flawless series.

Humble Juice is one of the best e-juice makers in the industry. The company can offer the best prices because it uses an in-house distribution and shipping network. Humble Juice uses only the finest ingredients such as USP vegetable glycerin, USP propylene glycol, and NicSelect nicotine to make its e-liquids.

Humble Juice is based in California, but ships worldwide. This company has won many awards for its excellent products. If you like fruity e-liquids, you will enjoy vaping Sweater Puppets. This is a mouth-watering vape juice. It is a real fruity delight. If you’re a budding mixologist, you can also mix Sweater Puppets with other Humble Juice e-liquids to create something new.