The differences between the regular vaping and sub ohm vaping is very important. The two styles of vaping are not the same. If you want to do sub ohm vaping, you must know these various features. This will guide you to think twice before you start cloud vaping.

Consumes Bigger Power

You will notice that devices for sub ohm vaping have lower coil resistance. This means these devices require more power to hit them up. So you should prepare your batteries since they drain easily and faster than the regular vaping. You bring some spare batteries or an extra 18650 battery charger with you.

Uses Bigger E-Liquids

As a vaper, you will not only need the charger but also the e-liquid to bring along with you. You must have the e-liquid when you refill. This is because it takes more e-liquids to produce the bigger clouds while sub ohm vaping. This means you cannot save enough money when you do sub ohm vaping.

Not the Most Discreet Choice

The clouds produced from sub ohm vaping are quite huge and can grab the attention of the people on the streets. So if you are the type of person who does not want any heads looking at you while vaping, it’s best not to use this. Sub ohm vaping is not for stealth vapers who only want an alternative to tobacco. It is not also fit for those who vape once in a while during the day.

Changes Nicotine Strength Level

Sub ohm vaping might not be the best choice if you’re a vaper who uses vaporizers to replace cigarettes. This is because this style of vaping blasts more nicotine concentration. It gives off bigger clouds. You must lower the dosage of the nicotine strength. If not, you will get sick. This is the reason vapers who do sub ohm vaping only use the nicotine concentration with less than 6mg.

Vapers set off to sub ohm vaping, and makers know this. Highly priced box mods are now available on the market. They are great for sub ohm vaping and ensure safety for every vaper. Apart from the abovementioned features, another difference between sub ohm vaping vs regular vaping is the kind of pull when vaping.

1. Mouth to Lung (MTL) Inhale

This inhale is mouth to lungs. This is like smoking an ordinary cigarette. You draw the smoke first to your mouth. Then, you suck the smoke into your lungs. In smoking, the filter creates the resistance. In vaping, the coil makes the resistance above one ohm, so you must do this kind of inhale.

2. Direct Lung Inhale

This inhale directs to the lungs. This is like having a big breath. Once the vape goes to your lungs, the resistance becomes very low. This is similar to that with sub ohm vaping devices. Put this kind of inhale in mind because it is difficult to do mouth to lung inhalation with a coil less than one ohm.

Final Thoughts

Advanced vapers find sub ohm vaping very satisfactory. They usually begin vaping with mouth to lung vapes having more than one ohm. These include vape pods, electronic cigarettes, and vape pens. They depart it when they find it unsatisfactory and go to sub ohm vaping. They experience big amounts of vape, intense flavor, and more satisfaction. Plenty of sub ohm devices are already available on the market with safety features to prevent danger to the vaper. If you want to experiment sub ohm vaping, visit and buy a device fit for sub ohm vaping. Never modify it and use only the right batteries without any damages.