TAAT CBD Cigarettes: Everything You Need To Know   

By now, you have probably heard about the latest alternative smoking products in town – TAAT CBD cigarettes. These cigarettes provide smokers with a nicotine and tobacco-free alternative to help them quit cigarettes without giving up on their smoking habits. The cigarettes have a similar scent, feel, and flavor as traditional cigarettes, which elevates the overall experience. This review looks at everything you need to know about TAAT cigarettes and how they can help you quit the harmful compounds found in tobacco cigarettes. 

About TAAT

TAAT is a reputable brand that focuses on providing alternative smoking products to help traditional cigarette smokers make a smooth transition from additive and harmful substances. The brand produces top-tier products made from hemp, water, and food-grade ingredients. TAAT CBD cigarettes have a better result in facilitating this transition than any other product on the market. Their signature flavors include TAAT original, smooth, and menthol. 

How are TATs cigarettes made?   

TAATS is not the same as ordinary cigarettes, the reason being they do not contain tobacco and nicotine. The hemp used in TAAT is blended with other ingredients and then processed in a way you can still enjoy the taste and smell of regular cigarettes. 98% of the TAAT sticks are of organic hemp and water, and the 2% goes to FDA-approved food-grade ingredients.

This helps prevent nicotine addiction and still choose the freedom of taste. TAAT contains up to 25 MG of CBD per stick. TAAT cigarettes feel like traditional cigarettes and provide the same rituals that many smokers are accustomed to. These include hand-to-mouth movement, putting the sticks between the lips, taking a puff, and blowing the smoke in the air.  

TAATS different types of flavors.  

As mentioned above, TAAT has no nicotine and no tobacco. TAAT comes in three well-defined flavors masterly created to mimic the taste of popular cigarette flavors. These flavors include;                                                                  

TAAT SMOOTH: It has a smooth silky flavor for smokers with a light taste. If you enjoy a light experience this is the right flavor for you. The taste is similar to that of Malboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, and American Spirit Yellow.

TAAT ORIGINAL: If you prefer a sting taste you should consider TAAT original. It has a massive taste that is reminiscent of beloved brands like Marlboro Red, American Spirit Blue, and Winston.                                                                                                                                           

TAAT MENTHOL: This is TAATs most popular cigarette with a minty freshness like the Kool cigarettes, Newport, and Marlboro Menthol. 

Reasons why TAATS cigarettes are much better than tobacco cigarettes.

  • TAATS are made with no nicotine and no tobacco. Since it does not have nicotine you do not get the same cravings as having tobacco cigarettes. 
  • They are 50% cheaper per pack.
  • Keep your rituals: Apart from nicotine addiction, tobacco smokers go through hard times when trying to switch to a different product such as Vape products. Some of these rituals are habits for years or months of smoking. By smoking TAAT cigarette, you switch easily to a non-addictive product.

Where can I buy the TAAT cigarettes?                                                                        

The TAAT is available on the TRYTAAT website. They come in packs of 20 sticks, they are also printed with a logo. 

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