TAAT Zero Nicotine Cigarettes Review

The tobacco sector has been around for a long time, but it has recently seen a tremendous transformation as tobacco-free alternatives have become available. This isn’t only about hemp cigarettes or vaping devices; you now have the choice of the TAAT as well.

TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd. chose to develop a proprietary process that offers a consistent quality product with a uniform CBD concentration in the hemp plant material in order to create a viable alternative. The outcome is nothing short of a pleasurable smoking experience. Before sending the material out for mass manufacturing, TAAT manufacturers perform this in-house. They do this to protect their brilliant blend, which results in the TAAT Zero Nicotine Cigarettes.

How They Are Made

TAATs are comparable to cigarettes; however, they are not the same as ordinary tobacco cigarettes since they lack tobacco and nicotine. Similarly, despite the fact that their principal ingredient is hemp, they are not herbal cigarettes since hemp is neither produced nor processed in the same way as regular hemp cigarettes. 

In reality, the hemp used in the TAAT is blended with secret ingredients and then processed in such a way that it tastes, smells, and emanates other identifiable qualities of tobacco rather than hemp. This is the whole emphasis of the company’s Beyond Nicotine formula. 

TAATs contain up to 25MG of CBD per stick while maintaining a THC profile of less than 0.2%, eliminating the euphoric impact often associated with cannabis intake. You don’t have to worry about becoming addicted because it eliminates nicotine or tobacco.

The most important part of the TAAT, and the result of the company’s carefully formulated Beyond Nicotine formula, is its attention to detail. 

You’ll feel like you’re hooked on actual tobacco cigarettes after smoking a TAAT. The total experience is enhanced by the crackling sound of the Beyond Tobacco material as it burns, the aroma of tobacco that fills your nose, the flavor of tobacco on your tongue, the ergonomic feel in your palm, and even the flicking of the ash for that sensuous pleasure.

Flavor Options

TAAT is available in three distinct flavors, each intended to taste like some of your favorite cigarette brands. Let’s go over the different options now.

  • TAAT Original: The original creates a massive, robust, bold flavor with every puff. It’s a flavor that’s sure to please, especially if you like strong flavors like Marlboro Red, Winston, or American Spirit Blue.
  • TAAT Menthol: The menthol flavor is one of their most popular, and there is little wonder there. It has a minty freshness that reminds me of the likes of Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Kool cigarettes.
  • TAAT Smooth: Smooth has a rich, deep, velvety taste that is much lighter. It reminds me of smokes like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow, or Pall Mall Blue.

About The Manufacturer

TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd is a company that has been in operation for a while with the goal of providing a legitimate alternative to traditional tobacco materials while retaining some of the characteristics of tobacco so that cigarette smokers who are trying to quit do not feel alienated.

Availability and Pricing

Trytaat, their online store, sells a pack of TAAT for $6.99. A box of TAAT with 10 packs costs just $59.99 on the site, and if you spend more than $40 in the official TAAT store, you will get free delivery. First-time users can even get a free pack delivered to them simply by doing the following:

If you are on a mobile;

  • Text “FREEPACK” to 1-812-408-3315

If you are shopping on a desktop;

  • You can visit their website
  • Create an account
  • Enter the promo code, and 
  • Enjoy your free pack of TAATs

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