Top 5 Easiest Mushroom Strains to Grow: A Beginner’s Guide


Mushroom cultivation has become increasingly popular, with enthusiasts growing a variety of strains right at home. If you’re a beginner eager to explore the world of mushroom cultivation, starting with easy-to-grow strains is essential for a successful and rewarding experience. In this article, I’ll discuss the top 5 easiest mushroom strains to cultivate, including the Golden Teacher, Ecuadorian, B+, Psilocybe cubensis (in general), Alacabenzi, and Z strains.

Golden Teacher

The Golden Teacher is a mushroom strain of the genus Psilocybe cubensis. This is arguably the most popular strain in the psilocybin family. Some of the reasons for its popularity are its appearance, simplicity of growing, and mild effects. For beginners, the Golden Teacher mushroom is one of the easiest to grow.

Golden Teacher is distinguished by its light gold and yellow crowns. This mushroom may be cultivated with spore syringes or prints. This strain can also be developed using growing kits, which is considered one of the simplest methods. While spores are inexpensive, they are considered advanced and should only be used by experienced gardeners.

The Golden Teacher mushroom grows well in humid grassland and tropical conditions. This mushroom can be cultivated on cow, goat, and other grazing ruminant excrement.


The Ecuadorian is a mushroom strain of the genus Psilocybe cubensis. This mushroom strain is good for beginners because it is one of the simplest to grow. Ecuadorian originated in the Andes and is found across the country.

Although generally easy to grow, Ecuadorians may colonize faster than others. It also takes some time for this fungus to exhibit evidence of spore germination. However, once signs of growth show, the Ecuadorian colonizes the substrate quite quickly. Ecuadorian mushrooms can grow on a variety of substrates, including grains, compost, straw, and pasteurized feces. Temperatures of 84/86 degrees F are ideal for Ecuadorian colonization. Also, the optimal fruiting temps are 74/78 degrees F.

Ecuadorian strains are distinguished by their tall, thick stalks and caramel heads. Ecuadorian has more strong effects than Golden Teacher. Ecuadorian mushrooms are also one of the easiest to grow due to their resistance.

Ecuadorian mushrooms can be grown from spores or grow kits, which include syringes and prints. Ecuadorian growth kits are easily accessible; all you need is water to get it started. It should take about 12/15 days for visible development to occur.

B+ Psilocybe cubensis

B+ is another well-known mushroom strain from the Psilocybe cubensis genus. The origins of this mushroom variety are unknown. However, it is widely assumed that it is a hybrid of P. azurescens and P. cubensis. B+ is well-known for its potency and social advantages. Because it germinates quickly, it is great for beginner growers. B+ also produces a huge flush at first, followed by lesser ones. This mushroom is also immune to contamination and will fight for survival.

The B+ mushrooms may grow on a variety of substrates, including dung, straw fruits, and grains. B+ can be cultivated quickly from growth kits. This mushroom can be cultivated from spores as well. The ideal colonization temperature is 28 – 30 Celsius. While fruiting temperatures should be between 23 – 26 Celsius.


Another prominent psilocybin mushroom strain is alacabenzi. Growers like this mushroom because of its huge, symmetric shape. Alacabenzi is a hybrid of Alabama and Mexican cubensis. The Alabama breed is known for its size, whereas the Mexican strain is known for its power and spirituality. Alacabenzi is distinguished by the combination of these traits.

Alacabenzi mushrooms are simple to grow and produce excellent flushes. This mushroom strain’s spores are uncommon but easy to cultivate. This mushroom can also be grown using growing kits. Alacabenzi mushrooms are grown in subtropical areas and thrive on bovine, equine, and enriched soils. If the growing conditions are not ideal, Alacabenzi’s colonization period can be extended. Fruiting, however, occurs quickly after the colonization period. And Alacabenzi mushroom spores grow well and are known to be resistant to contamination.

Z Strain

The Z Strain is the fastest-growing mushroom strain, making it perfect for beginning growers. This strain is well-known for being one of the most aggressive and fastest-growing strains available, with large yields. The Z-Strain, also known as Z-Cube, is a member of the Psilocybe cubensis species.

The genetic makeups of the Z-Strain and the Golden Teacher are comparable. Both are distinguished by their gorgeous golden yellow crowns. Although the roots of Z-Strain are unknown, it is usually assumed to be a Golden Teacher isolation.

The Z-Strain is simple to cultivate due to its vigorous colonization process. This variety of mushroom is also resistant to contamination. It is, nevertheless, best to keep your working instruments and surroundings sterile. It is also known to cause flushes in a short period of time. You can begin by purchasing spores or grow kits.

The Z-Strain thrives in subtropical temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius). This mushroom strain thrives on equine, bovine, compost, straw, improved soil, and grain.


In conclusion, these five magic mushroom strains—Golden Teacher, Ecuadorian, B+, Alacabenzi, and Z strain—stand out as some of the easiest to cultivate, making them ideal choices for beginners in the world of mushroom cultivation. While each strain has its unique characteristics and effects, they share a common trait of being forgiving and robust in their growth, making them suitable for those just starting their mushroom-growing journey. Remember to maintain a clean and sterile environment, follow recommended cultivation techniques, and exercise patience as you embark on this exciting adventure. Happy mushroom cultivating!

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