The Sauce LA: Best Unicorn Vape Juice Sample Pack Review

You do not an offer like this every day. The Sauce LA is giving you the chance to taste five of its best vape juices at a low price.

Where on earth can you possibly get five 30-mL bottles (yes, that is 150 mL of e-liquid in total) for as low as $19.99?! And here’s another catch, this company has a dozen other e-liquids to choose from. Now time to check this vape juice sample pack.

Vape Juices by The Pier

Caramel Waffle Cappuccino

This vape juice is a combination of caramel, latte, waffle, and buttercream. On the inhale, your palate will welcome the sweet notes of caramel. The exhale is composed of a nicely press-brewed coffee, which comes with a touch of sugar and cream.

Vanilla Bean Cream

You can expect the flavors of vanilla cream, whipped cream, and espresso combined on this vape juice. It has a rich vanilla flavor mixed with coffee and whipped cream. Each puff will give you loads of vanilla creamer and sugar.

Mango Tropical Blast

The best way to beat the summer heat is the tart, fruity, and refreshing taste of ripe and succulent mangoes. This vape juice is a blend of mango, passion fruit, and sweet tangerine flavor. You can taste some faint notes of green tea in the background. You will be impressed by how the sweetness of the mango and slight bitterness of the tea complement each other.

Passion Fruit Cooler

Another summer flavor to look forward to. Passion Fruit Cooler e-juice gives you the delicious taste of passion fruit with an interesting twist of strawberries, lemon, and green tea.

E-juice by Route 66

Open Road

Caramel, marshmallow, and rice Krispy… these are the components you can expect from this blend. This all day vape will lure any vaper with its sweet and rich caramel infused rice cereal taste. Love marshmallow? Watch out for it in the background. True to its name, this is a must vape during a road trip with friends.

Get Your Kicks

Candy lovers will fall head over heels for this vape juice. On the inhale, you can taste the flavor of freshly picked strawberries. Then prepare to blow some bubble gums on the way out. This vape juice will remind you of the good old days of your childhood when blowing gum is a skill you bragged about to our friends.

Main Street

Who loves grandma’s pie? Well, Main Street is a formula of sweet apple + pie crust + gooey filling. Going in, this e-liquid gives off the taste of ripened green apple. The exhale is a bit more interesting as light cinnamon puts flavor to the creamy crust. I can’t get enough of this.

E-juice by The Sauce


Fruit loops, anyone? Capone is going to be your new favorite breakfast cereal vape juice. I can personally attest that this can level with the real thing. The inhale gives you the taste of tart and crispy cereal. Then, the exhale has a rich, creamy milk flavor. This e-juice is best vaped at lower wattages on either a sub ohm tank or an RDA.


Honestly, the name of this e-juice is mysterious, but the taste is interesting. This premium e-liquid is a combination of tangerine, strawberry, kiwi, and lime. This is another summer e-juice that you should not miss. I love the tropical vibe it gives you.


If you are having a long day, then let 1922 e-juice boost your energy. Yes, it does taste like a tropical energy drink. But its subtle cooling effect on the exhale makes it even better.

Model Tea

This e-juice is a blend of peach, dragonfruit, and green tea flavor. It tastes interesting. Each puff gives you bold notes of peaches and dragon fruit. The great tea is in the background. Again, this is perfect for these hot summer days.


This is The Sauce LA‘s version of a strawberry sherbet ice cream e-juice. It is a blend of rainbow sherbet, ripe strawberry, and Bavarian cream. Every day is a cheat day with this e-juice.

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