Vape Moar Berry Bomb Eliquid Sampler Review

By the name itself, Berry Bomb eliquid is a wonderfully surprising blend of watermelon and mixed berries crafted together to create a powerful vape juice blend. After you twist the cap off the bottle, you will immediately smell a sweet cherry-like scent. The aroma is light and non-overpowering; just enough to get your attention and curiosity.

“If you’re a fan of berry and fruit flavored eliquids that pack a kick sweet enough to get your mouth watering, Berry Bomb is the daily vape for you. The flavor is a mixture of summer berry and seed fruits that will leave you refreshed and wanting more. Berry Bomb leads with watermelon, and you’ll know it from the start to the finish, but it’s the berry mix that will make this a watermelon eliquid unlike any you’ve ever tried.”

After I filled my tank with the pre-steeped ejuice, I was amazed at  the kind of taste this brought to my mouth. The combination of watermelon and berries flavor is strong and stays in the mouth for a few pleasant seconds. Leading the inhale at 58 watts is the taste of watermelon, but this is mixed quickly with a berry mixture. On the exhale, the watermelon taste is more definite as the berry flavors wind down. I can’t specifically pinpoint the berries included, and I think temperature and mod settings can play a role too.

I tried plugging this into the TFV4. I got a watermelon taste with undefinable berry flavor at 40 to 50 watts. When increased to 55, the exhale tastes more like a cherry with another berry flavor I couldn’t put my finger on. Then at 60 watts, I enjoyed the watermelon flavor on the inhale, and the strawberry and cherry combination on the exhale. Meanwhile, Berry Bomb is recommended to be vaped using sub-ohm tanks, as well as smaller scale 1.0 ohm plus tanks like EVODs and the Aspire Nautilus tank. But since Berry Bomb is one flexible blend, it still tastes fine with no burning or flavor alteration at 60 watts.

I am particularly in love with the kind of natural sweetness packed in this bottle. It is sweet but not overly, and it does not irritate your throat. I tried vaping this for a week, and I truly enjoyed its flavor. This is great on a hot summer day, but it is also suitable on any type of day.

Berry Bomb vape liquid is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. Its vapor runs pleasantly smooth on the throat. It will not cause any nicotine buzz, nose tingling sensation, or fits of coughing and spluttering. As for the clouds, they are light and puffy. You can quickly fill the air with the sweet cherry-like scent with a gentle watermelon haze twist. One more thing, this vape liquid does not flavor-stain the coils for quite some time.

This e cig juice comes in five nicotine strength levels. It is available in 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, 8 mg, and 16 mg of nicotine. Finding the perfect nicotine level for you is more of a personal preference and it highly depends on what nicotine cravings you need to satisfy.

Vape Moar wants to focus more on pricing than presentation. Similar to its products on the Small Bottle collection, Berry Bomb comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a child-resistant cap. It is wrapped with a white-colored label that makes basic and important product information pretty handy. The label displays the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, lot number, expiration date, and the usual warnings.

A sample size of Berry Bomb is up for grab at Vape Moar’s website for as low as $3 only. I am definitely recommending this juice to all fruit lovers out there. The variety of the berries in here just keeps on surprising you. Flavor is spot-on, vapor/cloud production excellent, perfect all-day vape, simple yet straightforward packaging, and pocket-friendly price.

Vape Moar is a new player in this industry, but has gained immense popularity for being able to deliver not only premium quality ejuices but also affordable products that will not break your bank. Moreover, the company has a wide variety of blends on its line-up and is available in different sizes. Vape on!

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